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So I’m in speech. This is my 3rd year in it. The last 2 years I loved it. But this year, i’m trying a new category, and I don’t really like it. I’m in OO. It’s basicily persuasive.

Note: Speech a¬† highschool contest. There are 3 rounds. Each round you have a set time to be in a set room, and they’re are 4-7 people in that room, who are in the same category as you. You then take turns giving your Speech. Then you leave the room, and repeat 2 more times. Each round there is a judge who gives you a 1, if your the best, and all the way down to 5, which is the worst. Even if they’re are 7 people in the room the lowest score you can get is a 5.

So for Subsections they’re are 7 ppl entered in my catagorie. 6 of those people will go onto sections. I am yet to place last in a meet, so i will hopefully go on, but if i don’t I will be an alternate, and will end up going to sections anyway, and possibly not even compete. So I’m sick of OO and I really don’t feel like competing anymore. I’m ready for the season to be over.

Okay rant over, its 4 min. past my bedtime and I still have to go to sleep. Well its monday, and I don’t have a bedtime, but if i did it would be 9. Shit I missed the new John and Kate plus 8. Oh well

Off to bed


Okay, so I made a formated page. You likeee??? I’ve decided on a slogan for my blog, and i’d tell you all to visit it, but gosh darnit, i lost my sidebar wear you could click about and see it. I don’t kno where it went. it disapeared when I set up the format. I’m so sad cuz i made my side bar all awesomelike! So how do I get it back ūüė¶

Today started out as my mom pacing around the house saying she really f***ed  up at work. I decided to try a new recipe and made my own double chocolate chip frap (like from Starbucks) I REALLY liked it. When i finished my frap my mom went threw the classifieds looking for a new job.

Note: my mom is a housekeeping/laundry director at a hospital

then once she calmed down we went out to eat at a local Cafe. I had a shrimp popcorn basket. After that we came home and went on the computer until I went to pep band.

Note: I play flute

Me and 2 of my friends got our face painted. Sam got a yellow duck, Keisha got a blue duck, and i got a Purple duck. They’re pretty sweet. They have glitter on them!

well that is really all i can think of. I’ll write later


Hey. so this awesome person named Toast said she had a blog on here. so i’m checking it out.

ATM: Watching my cat give himself a bath

Note: Cats name: Grissom

so right now i have spring break. I have to go back to school on Monday, but i don’t wanna. GAR.

Note: I’m a myspace picture whore

so this blog has no format atm. but i kind of like this ‘note’ thing. lets see if it keeps up.

So it was my mom’s birthday yesterday. and I made her a video for her present. you can find it at that is her youtube account. She got the name because she read a book and it said that a persons destiny is layed out for them at the cradle foot and it stuck with her.

I’m liking this blog thing. I feel like I could just go on and on and on and on…………

Note: i like to ramble alot.

okay i’m going to leave my first update at this.



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