Today started out as my mom pacing around the house saying she really f***ed  up at work. I decided to try a new recipe and made my own double chocolate chip frap (like from Starbucks) I REALLY liked it. When i finished my frap my mom went threw the classifieds looking for a new job.

Note: my mom is a housekeeping/laundry director at a hospital

then once she calmed down we went out to eat at a local Cafe. I had a shrimp popcorn basket. After that we came home and went on the computer until I went to pep band.

Note: I play flute

Me and 2 of my friends got our face painted. Sam got a yellow duck, Keisha got a blue duck, and i got a Purple duck. They’re pretty sweet. They have glitter on them!

well that is really all i can think of. I’ll write later