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Happy April Fools Day! I’m not really into the pranks thing, but how could I make a vlog on here and NOT say happy April Fools?

So as you have probly read, i had Speech Sub-sections yesterday. First two rounds went okay, and third round i like paused in the middle of my speech. Weirdly I got the best score on my 3rd round. lol. But i’m going to SECTIONS! I’m so happy. I’m also very nervous. I’ve been practicing like crazy. We arn’t getting back till late and I’m bbsitting at 8Am. that will suck. then the Saterday after that is State Speech, and I want to go to that even if I don’t make it, since its at a college that has an AWESOME cafeteria. Haha, yes I want to go to state since there is an awesome cafeteria 😛 sue me. Okay, well its 8, and i still need to take a bath and practice my speech, and record myself doing my speech, and analyze it, ahahahahaha. fun night. Okay I’ll leave you at that.


So I just finished writing my Speech blog, but because of subsections I will not be able to post tomarrow, so i’m making up for it by typing this now and setting it to post for tomarrow.

The thing is, idk what to talk about. Well at the moment I have to sneeze. GAAAA. I don’t sneeze if I say I have to sneeze.

This blog seams really pointless, cuz all I really wanna do is talk about Speech and I already had a whole blog on that. Well I have to call or email the lady I babysit for and tell her I can’t bbsit for her on Friday. GREAT.

I feel like I am really waisting your time. I will go now! I love! YoU!


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