to me, their are 2 types of blogs, the ones that tell you about that persons day, and the ones that rant on and on about a certain subject.

I don’t want to be in the classification of one of those two. I love to tell you about my day, and that is useally what comes to mind fastest, but I also would like a blog were ppl come to hear, well read my opinion. I’m actually considering making an extra blog, one for my day and one for ranting. But that sounds like alot of work, so I won’t.

This wordpress is a little confusing. I really want my sidebar back, but no one will tell me how to. I have asked some ppl who are on wordpress and all they say is, “its complicated to explain,” or “WordPress is confusing at first,” but seeing i’m not planning to do a whole bunch of editing of my blog, I don’t know if I’ll ever find out how to do that, unless someone tells me.

I’m participating in Marine(sp?) Johnson’s blog everyday in April thingie. I just heard about it on youtube, and I’m planning on doing that anyway, so i might as well say I am.