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On December 31, 2008 I had my last piece of meat. I havn’t had a piece since. If you didn’t already guess, I had it as my New Years Resoultion. Actually, a person I follow on Youtube decided to do it (breeisundercover) and I thought that it sounded like a good idea for me too do it too.

No, I wasn’t just being a follower. You see, I have been having trouble eating Chicken lately because of the bones. It just makes me sad, and not hungry to think about it. But my mom was getting mad when she would make chicken and I wouldn’t eat it. I didn’t want to be a hypocrit and be like, “i’m not eating chicken with bones in it anymore cuz it makes me think that it was living” so this was my best solution.

One of the BIGGEST things that bugs me is when people say “if you eat fish your not a vegetarian” That is NOT true. Their is an actual name for vegetarians who eat fish. If you didn’t already guess, I eat fish. But you have to remember, I live in a very closed minded small town. There would only be three places I could eat, and two of them my mom never goes to, so that really means only one. And It’s a chinese place, and there is only 1 vegetarian dish I like there.

Also, when going to the grocery store their isn’t many vegetarian premade meals. There of course is vegetarian “meat” but I don’t care for that all that much. I could just have homemade meals everyday, but my mom doesn’t have the time for that, and neither do I.

There are two main questions I get alot:

1. Do you drink milk and eat eggs? I am growing and need calcium, and if I didn’t have milk, than that means no chocolate, and I LOVE chocolate. And no eggs means no cake, cookies, any of that good stuff!

2. Is it hard? No it isn’t really. It is way easyer than I expected. The hardest part is school lunch, because our school isn’t very vegetarian friendly, and alot of mornings I’m too lazy too get together a lunch.

and a question that I want to awnser, just cuz I want people to know is:

1.What do you miss the most? It would definatly be broth and gravy, that may sound weird, but just the smell of it is so strong, and it makes eating soup hard. And my favorite food used to be Mashed potatos and gravy, and mashed potatos arn’t the same without gravy!!


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