today is the first day of a mini-easter break. well my school says mini spring break cuz of jews and stuff, but the only reason we have it is cuz of easter. so i just took a bath and i’m cleannn. today is the 100th day of 2009! How has everyone been doing on there new years resoulution? I’m doing great on mine!

Note: my cat is sitting on my wet foot, just wanted to let u kno.

Note: Its cuz i took a bath not cuz he, or i peed on it

so Sunday is Easter, as most of you kno. I’m a little nervous bcuz of the whole most of my family loves meat and it won’t be very vegetarian friendly.

i’m getting back into this sad state of mind. I was in it earlyer today then i danced around and sang, and it got better. but i’m sad again. I really want to hang out with someone.

I’m babysitting later tonight. i’m kinda exited for it, its SOMETHING to do. Those boys are the sweetest! I want to do somthing special for them. Maybe somthing easter related? Hmm i’ll have to think about it. Maybe I could hide there dinner like an Easter Egg hunt! idk that sounds lame. i’ll come up with somthing.


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