Sorry its been so long since I’ve posted. But I’ve been busy, and lazy. And not takeing advantage of when I wanna post and my cat is crying as if the sky was going to fall out of the sky any second now. And that my friends, is what we call a run on sentence. If you use one of those on a state writing test you will fail, and then in result die. Don’t you love the modern day brainwashing of the public schools?

So since I last talked/wrote to you I got my Mid-tri report. I’m very happy of its result except for the whole i-have-a-C-in-Honors-Geometry thing. But other than that I have all A- and above which is uber-tastic since i’ve never had only one grade not be an A since like 3rd grade. Back when I had straight A’s 🙂 haha.

Also since I last wrote…. OKAY NOTHING ELSE HAS HAPPENED SHUT IT. This is why i have no good excuse for not writing.


yay she said since i’m writing my blog I can stay on.

She should know that writing a blog regularly will help me with my poor writing skills. It’s not that I actually would fail a writing test, I’m just not very good at writing.

I really should check on my grades online. I really want to keep these A’s up and get my C up to a B or B+, an A isn’t happening mister! Well I’m going to go do that and maybe catch up on some youtube videos?