Hey Blogg!

Today I feel like writing. About everything, or about nothing. Whatever comes to mind. So here it goes:

At the moment I feel pretty crappy. My throat hurts and so does my head. But its not like an AHHHHHHHH IT HURTS STOP THE PAIN hurt, its more UGH its annoying hurt. If you gleam my meaning. I’m also very tired seeing it is 11:50 at night. I used to stay up this late quite frequently. But lately, with my whole not having a computer problem, i haven’t been. It feels good to sleep. Last night I slept 12 hours. Doesn’t it just feel wonderful to sleep 11 hours or more and to wake up and not roll out of bed not wanting to do anything. That is how I’ve been feeling alot lately when it comes to school days. I haven’t been getting enough sleep even though I’m going to bed as early as possible and waking up as late as possible.

On Tuesday I went in to get some lab work done. I useally freak out if there is anything that involves needles. But this time was different, I think I am growing up and just know that it has to be done. So I got my blood tests back that night and I had high blood sugar and cholestorol. My mom nore the nurse understood the high cholesterol seeing I haven’t eaten meat for almost 4 monthes, and that is a body’s main source for cholesteral. So that was on Tuesday, and it is now Saterday and I still have a huge ugly bruise on my arm in 2 different places from this. They couldn’t get my blood going so i got poked twice, and she had to dig around in both, causing the bruise. It is very annoying to see out of the corner of my eye because it makes me feel like I was abused. And mind you they want me to have my blood drawn again in 2 weeks. I’m hoping to not get bruises that time since I have never had bruises like this from getting my blood drawn before.

Tomarrow is a new day. Tomarrow is in 3 minutes. But that is besides the point. Tomarrow my best friend from Kindergarten is coming to town and I will hopefully get to spend some time with her. I also have speech awards at the local pizza joint. My coach always has these fun awards that have some inside joke associated with them. She had me make a bag/purse for a boy for him to “carry his lemurs around in” It’s a long story. So I made it. And to tell you the truth I don’t really want to give this to previously mentioned boy. he is a senior and not the best looking, and I don’t think he will appreciate the craftmenship I put into it. I didn’t use a pattern or anything, and it looks amazing. I did get some more fabric to make myself a purse though since I am in need of a new, bigger purse.

As previously mentioned I am in the spring play “Flowers for Algernon” Our first performance is in a week and a half which is pretty nerve wrenching. No doubts we’ll be ready. We have an amazing director who could pull just about anything off. But I just don’t want it to end. When I talk about it with my fellow cast members they say “its not ending its a new beganing” But that “new beganing” is only going to last for 3 days before its gone. I have had lots of fun with this production and this cast, and the seniors are amazing and I just don’t want it to be over. I have to admit I have somwhat of a crush on 2 of the boys in the production too so I’ll miss that. I am hoping not a large amount of people from my school read this seeing they’re are only 4 boys in Spring play and 2 of them aren’t all that good looking. But its not that big of a crush anymore. They are amazing boys and just fun to be around. Sorry I just keep rambeling on about this but I will just truly miss this production.

I just went back and looked at my drafts. I only have 2. This one and one more from the 14th. I will post it here:

hi blog. ily. i just wanted you to know that.

i’m feeling: unloved

Blog, lately i’ve been feeling very bipolar-ish. I was just very happy not 8 minutes ago. but now? i feel like hiding in a dark corner and slitting some skin.

NOTE: i’m not actually going to go sit in a dakr corner and slit my wr

I do have a slight remember of getting bored and leaving this. My favorite part is my inability to spell dark, or even to finish writing the word wrists.         I just thought you might enjoy, okay its depressing who would enjoy reading that? PREVERETED SICKO CREEPOS, thats who. Okay i think the fact that its 12:12 on Sunday is daunting on me. I am off to bed.

Remember your always “under construction”