I’ve decided I can no longer write blog posts past 10 o’clock at night.  Yesterday’s blog tottally didn’t make sense. I even mixed up some idioms in it. I also went to bed thinking about  my blog. About how this one would play out, and how I was mad at myself. Here is what happened within 15 minutes of posting my blog:

1.Went on yoville and facebook to say goodnight to everyone

2. Went to the bathroom and tripped over the cat

3. Remembered Why I posted the blog and remembered that I forgot to write about what the whole point of posting was.

4. fell asleep

also looking back at my dreams 2 of them were related to blog posts i had read before typing mine.

Well now I remember what i was going to say on my other blog post and will write about it now:

So Yesterday I went shopping. We went to Target and for 1 dollar i found an ant farm. Me, being the nerd I am, bought it excited to get home and get some ants and watch them tunnel. The whole 15 min. of a ride home i spent reading the directions and setting up the farm so it was ant ready. Once home i helped my mom bring our bags in the house then outside I went, to find some ants of course. So the directions said you should have 5-10 ants. Ants may be dumb, but they are hard to catch. I spent 20 minutes trying to get some. They would not come onto the supplied stick and the black ones freaked out so bad that you couldn’t catch em. I decided that the red ants would do since they are calmer. After getting 4 red ants in there at one time, i lifted up the ant farm only to have them all run out :(. I then got a brilliant idea. I ran inside grabbed half a kiwi and ran back outside thinking i was oh so smart. I put the kiwi down and waited for 100 of ants to swarm, like on any other day would of happened and i’d be very mad. 2 ants checked it out then left. I left it alone and talked to my mom for about 10 minutes, hoping when I come back that it would be full of ants for me to choose from. Not a single ant. I then went back to my old method of catching red ants. I had 5 at a time once, but when i lifted it up to put the lid on they again ran out. I decided to stop for the night and to try again tomarrow (today). So i woke up not feeling so good, but still thinking well i can try and catch ants. But of course its raining cats and dogs :(. I guess I have to wait a little while.

So I feel pretty crappy at the moment and I have nothing to cheer me up till around 5 when I have speech awards. Hopefully my mom will venture to the store and buy me my medicine. Well i’m going to go and mope around some more. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Probly didn’t, cuz they’re all boring but atleast,

Its always “Under Construction”