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It is 1:43 PM. I should be in Video Productions right now. But I’m not. You may be asking yourself, Why? Well you readers, that don’t really exist, I’m at home sick. As said on my previous post I was not feeling good at that time. Since then: Sunday, I moped around all day then went to Speech Awards were I only had 2 scoops on mashed potatos, a peice of pizza, and a peice of blueberry dessert pizza. I got home, watched some TV, and went to bed. On Monday I woke up and decided that the best thing to do is to go to school. So I got up, threw on some jeans and a hoodie, hair is a messy pony, and off I went. I made it threw the day, and practice, which was not very enjoyable seeing it involves a lot of talking. My mom then picked me up and we went to the pharmacy to get me my medicine for my headaches, thinking thats what it was. So I got home, took the medicine, and didn’t feel any better. My mom then told me I had been moaning. I didn’t remember moaning, but I gess i was..? Before I went to bed I had my temperature taken, just to see. It was 102.6. GREAT I was at school all day with a temp. Well its not my regular headaches I get. So I went to bed. I then was woken up at 6:30 AM to have my temp taken again to see if I should be going to school. It was 100.4, still too high to go to school. So I went back to sleep till 8:30 and have been moping on the couch since. Not all to long ago I called the director to tell him that I wouldn’t be at practice. He awnsered, which I was hoping he wouldn’t since I didn’t feel like talking, but luckily he was busy. I told him what was wrong and that I wouldn’t be at practice tonight. He says “WELL YOU HAVE TO GET BETTER SOON!” I said okay, not feeling like joking. He then laughs at me. I do feel bad for not being able to go to practice seeing opening night is a week from Thursday. I am also missing a math test today, which aren’t fun to makeup. Then tomarrow our notebooks are due. I have over 200 problems to do before I am done. This teacher stinks. He doesn’t teach us and gives us 50-90 problems a night. GAH. Okay. I’ve probly gone into negative readers now with all this complaining.

I am now talking to a classmate on msn. here is our convo:
i is a sexy taco says:

you stayed home?

marina says:


i is a sexy taco says:

haha lucky

marina says:

lucky? having a fever, headache, and sore throat is lucky?



This kid must have somthing wrong with him. Okay I know he does. but thats besides the point

I’ll leave you at that.

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