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hey bloggie!

I’m in a happy mood! I just spent a few hours doing nerdie things on farmtown on facebook, which always makes me feel productive, when indeed, I am not being productive. I’m really happy where this blog has been going. I’ve never kept up with a blog this well! Okay, so I’ve only had 2 blogs before, but still! I’ve been watching my stats slowly go up, less and less days with zero views, and my most views in a day keeps changing, so yay! Okay sorry I was prettending more than just a few people cared there.

I like optimistic moods. Okay, I guess everyone does, other than like Satan. But I haven’t had many of these feelings lately, okay but i’m optimistic right now, don’t go back to pessimistic mood!

So i’ve been listening to alot more music lately. I used to listen to it like 25/7 and then I slowed down, like seriously slowed down. This weekend I bought 22 dollars worth of music from itunes, and have been listening to that music over and over and over, along with my old playlists. It’s really helped me. I gotta get my mp3 player working again. Some people may need a boy to be happy, all i need is music, and supportive friends! Oh sorry! You too wordpress! =)

So this summer I’m saving for a macbook! YAY. Okay i’ve already started, but once i get that I can use the isight camera and make more videos with imovie and i’m just overall exited about that! My current laptop’s battery is on the fritz and isn’t reliable. So as of now I have 5 dollars in my macbook. Yeah IK not much, but i have 240 in my savings account that will go towards that. I’m still deciding on the exactness of what i’m getting, but thats the fun of it!

So you’ve all probly read about my horrible math teacher. I was worrying about being ineligable (D or lower) for Musical next fall. I got the courage up to check my grade and I have a C!!!! That is useally HORRIBLE for me, but I was SOOO happy to have a solid C you woudln’t believe it. I’m not getting A honor roll for sure, but my grades, for me, aren’t overall that bad.

Okay, ik this is kind of short, but I want to run outside and be crazy right now!

ILY Optimistic mood!



So today i woke up, went on the computer, had a fun little encounter

I was sitting in the kitchen on the computer in my pajamas (large tshirt and underroos) and the door bell rings. I yell, “Mom can you get the door? I”m in my underwear.”
So my mom yells back, “I don’t have my teeth in” so I hear her rumble around in the bathroom, get them in the come downstairs to the door. Low and behold, the door was open and the screen was down on the storm door, the poor 2 Jahova’s Witnesses heard the whole thing. My mom politely turned them down.

My mom and me had a good laugh about that. Then later in the day, after I got dressed this is, we went shopping and went to see UP. It was a very cute movie!

I have now bought two “Muggle CDs” on Itunes. For those who don’t know, that is Wizard Rock artist’s songs that aren’t about the potter boy. I have Lauren Fairweather’s newest one, and ALL CAPS only one.  They are very fun to listen too.

Okay so blog, your kind of a support system to me so i’m going to “lean on you.” I really don’t want to go back to school. Thankfully I only have 2 more days of classes and 2 days of exams, but I can’t stand school! It’s not that I’m bored, and don’t like my teachers. It’s that my grade is unbelievably imature and I can’t stand it. Just last Friday I had a panic attack in the hallways. It was right before my study hall, so I had time to settle down luckly. It also didn’t help that someone who I useally walk to study hall with wasn’t there since she got distracted and walked with someone else, so I didn’t have her to distract me from the hecticness. I really don’t want to return to those hallways. Just going over what happened with my mom I started to have a panic attack with memories from it. Next week is, grantfully a new week, but also it’s the last week and that will make these imature 9th graders itching with exitement of the upcoming summer. FUUUUNNNN! not.

Okay i’m in one of my pessamistic mood. People who make me smile, why aren’t you online to keep me away from my thoughts? I’ll get lost in my music instead.


Heya, read the end of my last post if you haven’t already and you will know the story behind 7 things. I’ll be posting some of the “7 things” directly from my myspace, so watch out!!!




my interests;
books;   my sister’s keeper♥
tv;       family guy♥
movies;   pocahontas♥

 (okay now the rest won’t be as fancy since they aren’t already html-ified and i’m  a lazy blogger)

3.) Current Playlist:
Topics -Nevertheless
You Belong With me -Taylor Swift
Black Santas -Lauren Fairweather
Gives You Hell -All American Rejects
Iris -Googoo Dolls
Check Yes -ALL CAPS
Shut up and let me go -The Ting Tings
Absolutly (the story of a girl) -Nine Days
I’m a Princess, You’re a Pirate -Play Radio Play
Heels Over head -Boys like girls

4.)Class Schedule

1st period: Band
2nd period: Physical Science
3rd period: Study hall
4th period: Honors Geometry
5th period: English
6th period: Video productions
7th period: Civics

if we went to school together what classes would we have together?

5.) favorites:
I don’t have favorites in like anything, i just like alot of stuff! Just wanted my readers to know that

Its a “throw up” 😉 between The Parselmouths and The Moaning Myrtles

7.) House?

Ravenclaw =]


p.s. I got lazy at the end. sorry =]

p.p.s. i lied, I’m not really sorry. All i promised was 7 things, not 7 long things

p.p.p.s. get your mind out of the gutter

OmGsHzS!!!1!!1!!! I haven’t posted a blog in 3 WHOOOOOLE days! Not good! tsk tsk tsk to myself! But the thing is, nothing has happened worth telling.

Okay I have no creative juices so I’m going to steal a survey from word yo! XD


Itunes quiz thinnnnng (just a warning I haven’t been on itunes in about 3 monthes and I never delete anything)

How am I feeling today?

Our Time Now -Plain White Tees [who is in this our with me?]

Will I get far in life?
Witchdoctor -Toy Box [I’m going to be a doctor who is also a witch, not bad]

How do my friends see me?
Baby Boy -Toy Box [That is NOT good]

Where will I get Married?
Concrete Angel -Martina Mcbride [I hope its a big one]

What is my best friend’s theme song?
Already Gone -Sugarland [wow this means more than you can comprehend]

What is the story of my life?
Hazard to Myself -Pink [This isn’t good either]

What is/was highschool like?
Hot ‘N Cold -Katy Perry [this made me laugh]

How can I get ahead in life?

Cold as You -Taylor Swift [I prefer to be warm though =(]

What is the best thing about me?
All I want is You -Sugarland [really? thats the BEST thing about me]

How is today going to be?
Apologize -Timbaland [that makes sence]

What is in store for this weekend?
Our Song -Taylor Swift [does this mean someone is going to ask me out?]

What song describes my parents?
Your so Sexy -Toy Box [EHHHH NO]

To describe my grandparents?
Tear Drops on my Guitar -Taylor Swift [wow this is amazingly true, seeing 3/4 grandparents are dead

How is my life going?

All American girl -Carnival Ride [Well I hope I am…]

What song will they play at my funeral?
The Outside -Taylor Swift [well i’m outside of this earth!]

How does the world see me?
This is why I’m Hot -Mims [Oh wow…]

Will I have a happy life?
Scotty doesn’t Know -Lustra [okay I guess I won’t be asking scotty then…]

What do my friends really think of me?
Tim Mcgraw -Taylor Swift [I love this song, but I don’t think I want my friends to see me this way]

Do people secretly lust after me?
Lucky -Britney Spears [is that a yes or a no?]

How can I make myself happy?
All Summer Long -Kidrock [thats good, cuz summer is coming up!]


Will I ever have children?
Oops I did it again -Britney Spears [wait, don’t I need to do it a first time before I can do it “again”]

What is some good advice for me?
I’m a Bitch -Meredith Brooks [oh thanks Itunes!]

How will I be remembered?
Womanizer -Britney Spears [well isn’t that pleasant?]

What is my signature dancing song?
All I want to do -Sugarland [that is a very happy go luckky song! yay!]

What do I think my current theme song is?
Earth Wind Water and Fire -Toy Box [back to basics?]

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Teachers Pet -Christy Carlson Romano [ohh grrreat, just what I want in High School]

What type of men/women do you like?
Leave it all to me -Miranda Crosgrove/Drake Bell [i think thats good…?]


Well now you’ve seen a little into my itunes. Yes I’m a country addict! okay one more question awnsered Itunes style

What should my next blog be about?
7 Things -Miley Cyrus [that’s do-able]


post script: title was also picked by itunes shuffle, it’s by Taylor Swift

I’m Cliche. Why, you may ask? I just titled my blog with song lyrics. But I love this song (You Belong With me By Taylor Swift). So guess what! EWWW No, get your mind out of the randy gutter! OKAY NO! Not that, one more guess? UGH! Okay do you want me to just tell you? Well guess what, I kind of forgot already, no lies. Okay lies, since I wrote THERE IS A POINT TO THIS BLOG BUT I DON”T REMEMBER IT! but then I started doing the GUESS WHAT to take up space before that whole “there is a point to this blog but I don’t remember it” thing. OKAY! TO THE POINT!

So as many, most, or all of you know; I’m in band, and I play flute. I’m also in ninth grade, which means I get/have to do highschool band things that are fun/boring. I enjoy being part of pep band since it is a small group of people who aren’t complaining about having to be there. Well on Monday, yes Memorial day, the day schools don’t have school. Well I get to show up at school a WHOLE 10 MINUTES late! WOO! No not really since i’d rather being sleeping at that time. Oh and not to mention I get to bike the mile plus there. So yes I get have to be at school at 8:15AM to go on a hot sweaty bus to go to a town 7 miles away to play for 10 minutes before their memorial service, after that back on the sweaty bus. Once we get back to school we will have some time to venture down to a local gas station and get donuts and such, which is great! Right? Not if your an underclassmen without a drivers license or a car. If i’m lucky I might be able to fetch a ride with Logan or Jon (yes I know these names are pointless to you but BOO HOO [wow am i being bitchy or what?]) So then around 10 we play for the memorial service at our school for 10 minutes, then BACK ON THE BIG YELLOW BUS, to go to the elementary school that is a town over and takes about 10 minutes to get too. Once there we play through out the whole ceremony. Then FINALLY, they feed us! FOR FREE! Exiting, right? Not when it’s hotdogs and your a vegetarian.

Then on the 29th we’re playing at Graduation where we have to dress up and watch people to get pieces of paper tied up in ribbon. PLUS we don’t even get to play Pomp and Circumfrances. So both of those are required and I kind of wish it was just pep band cuz then that means less imature people will be there.

Next on June 14th PEP BAND!!!! Is playing in the parade for [My town’s name here] Days! I was genuinly exited for this, since we get to play the fight song, tequilla, land of a thousand dances, and louis lois! Until I remember I’m getting my wisdom teen removed just 5 days before this. So I ask Mr. De Witt how long you can’t play after having wisdom teeth removed, he said 14 days, which makes me sad :(. So I told him what was going on and asked if I could do cymbals or cow bell or SOMTHING since the parade plus homecoming = a letter to go on my letterman’s jacket! He said he’d have me carry the banner that says we’re the band. WOOHOO :(. Well I’ll get the points for lettering either way I guess I just won’t be able to play with the other fabulous flutists.

Okay I’m actually thinking that these will be fun (okay maybe not graduation…) but the rest will, but it seams like on the 2 I should geniunly be exited for there is some reason to put a damper on. I got to get dressed now since I’m babysitting in 20 minutes!

As always, Under Construction

Ohh, I’m sorry! I hope you can forgive me for being stuch a bad bloggist the last few days. I have no excuses really. Well I do for last night but other than that it’s just lazyness. On Wed. I had a pretty good day at school considering the imature people who go there only since the law requires it. After school I had art club which is fun and brightens my day. After art club my bff and her mom brought another art clubian and me out to eat at a Thai restraunt. It was amazing! I had like 15 cheese wontons! Her mom after dropped me off at home. I had a concert that night and about 40 minutes until I had to be there. Walking up to the door lied a Girl Scout thin mint box. I was very confused in why it was there seeing I quit Girl Scouts last year. But low and behold it was my package from Nora! I grabbed it and ran inside with a scissors in hand ready to rip it open, when my mom stops me and makes me make some calls to people she said I’d return calls to. (now i am glad she did since otherwise I wouldn’t of recorded the opening!) I then grabbed the box, scissors, and my cammera and ran up stairs. I got dressed for the concert, did my hair, and turned the cammera on. I opened the box and it made me ooooh so happy! As soon as I was done opening it, it was time to leave for the concert. I had to bring the paper airplane and the regular letter part of the package in the car so I could read it on the way there. Once at the concert Mr. Dewitt assigns “little band” (a group of 15 9th graders who aren’t in choir) chairs to set up after Jazz Band played. We where told it was a 10 minute intermission inwhich we had to set it up in. I then as soon and fast as possible escape the group and talk to my 10th grade friends in Symphonic Band. I then watch the concert with my buddy Sammy, Hiedi, and Andre (some of the few 9th graders I can stand to talk too). When it comes time for Jazz Band to play we get ready to set up. As soon as they finish their 3rd and final song we start setting up. I, along with 2 other girls where in charge of the first row which we finished fast so we started helping the larger rows. It went good for the first 5 minutes. Then when starting to help with the 5th and last row I start looking for the people who are in charge of it and who know how many chairs and stand need to be in it. They where NO WHERE to be found, looking around more, out of the 15 people in little band there are 5 left that are still setting up. So we have to ask the band director who is busy enough how many is needed. Then the 4 girls and 1 boy left start running like chickens with our heads cut off trying to fit all the chairs and stands in, along with all the percussion equipment. By the time we are done it has been 27 minutes, somthing that could of been 10 IF the everyone would of actually helped. The 5 of us are pretty ticked and sweating from the hot stage and from running around with chairs and stands. We then get into the band room to line up and find all of symphonic band, the people who are just in “big band” and the rest of “little band.” I poke one of them and say WHERE WERE YOU???? and she said our row was done and all the stands where set up so I thought we could leave. They where on the fifth row which when she left had 12 chairs and 0 stands out of 34 chairs and 17 stands. Lets just say that was not an enjoyable concert! After the concert and the ride home where I complained and, may I say, Bitched the whole way home about it. I then got home and calmed down. I finished Paper Towns *Squeel* and Started One Wish, a book sent by nora. i’m almost half done at the moment! This morning when my mom woke me up. My cat was laying in front of me and  was holding Burt (a moose in Nora’s package). My mom picks up Burt and said, “I could bearly pick out which one was the cat and which one was Burt.” It made me laugh.


Sorry for the depressing rambling after just having short crappy posts!


I got a new haircut.

I got a new haircut.

 It’s all styled weird but other than that I like it. Sorry for short post but i have to re-style it and eat before theater awards!

Hey readers!

Sorry I haven’t posted for 4 days! But I really haven’t had time. So why don’t I catch you up on my weekend?

On friday, as many of you know I headed off for Duluth. 4 hour trip there. We checked into the hotel and then  went out to eat at Grandma’s Restraunt. I had the best broccli i’ve EVER had there. It was amazing! Then we got back to the hotel and I was going to put my battery in my cammera. But it wasn’t in my pocket anymore, it wasn’t in the car, it wasn’t in the hotel! It had fallen out of my pocket somewhere inbetween Grandma’s and the hotel. The next day we had breakfast at the Greenery. After that we went on a quest for a new cammera. Now I’m not that spoiled, and useally would not get a cammera a day after I lost my old one, but we where on a vacation and my mom was going to see some friends she hasn’t seen for along time and she wanted pictures of it! So my new cammera is 12.1 megapixel Sony Coolpix. I love it! Great quality! Then we went out and had lunch with my mom’s old friend at a Thai restraunt! It was very good food! Here is a picture of us back at her friend’s house:

my mom, her friend, and me

my mom, her friend, and me


We then drove around town and looked at our old houses and visited my old daycare lady! After that we went too a shopping mall and shopped around. I got an awesome necklace that resembles the LOVE statue in NYC. We then went back to the hotel and got ready for the benifit. It was a fun filled night with more thai food! After that we went back to the hotel and watched some movies. The next day we went to Porter’s for breakfast. I had marvelous Super Cinnamon french toast with skillet browned potatos! After that we headed home. On our way home we stopped at Toby’s and got some muffins and went to the bathroom. When we were an hour away from home we stopped at a barnes and noble! I then finally got:

I got Yellow Margo! YAY

I got Yellow Margo! YAY


Then we went home and I TRIED to make a youtube video with my new cammera but I had a very short attention span and it did not go well!

Sorry if this bored you! But I like it! SO 😛


I Love you readers!

HI BLOGGY! I’m glad I’m writing this now and not an hour and a half ago. I have a draft of todays blog. it was depressing. Lets say I had a notsome day with lots of imature people, freshman and teachers alike. But i’m not notsome now so, BLOG STOP BRINGING ME BACK TO THAT MOOD! So today I’ve been mood swinging alot. Okay since I got home I have been. So I thought i would take a chance to write a list (more of a list and explanation of each item on the list) of everything that makes me happy and or smile!

  • My online friends: Nora and Marissa you two are my best online friends ever! Okay i’ve only had 2 before you that lasted more than like an hour but STILL! You both know how to make me smile. marissa and your optimism! Nora and your awesome ideas! I’m so exited for our book exchange! I’m exited for both of your letters! You both can expect a little somthing that isn’t just the letter (book for Nora) in your mail boxes around the middle to end of next week!
  • Lunch Period: My Sophmore friends are amazing! I went to lunch today all notsome and barely talking. How did I leave lunch you might ask. I left it smiling and laughing to myself!
  • Video Productions: Useally this would make me feel notsome. But now I’m editing a video with my bestie in it and she just got so into her role that its hillarious. It was intended to be a drama, but she, she with her marvolous acting skills turned it into more of a comedy. I always have people peeking over my shoulder seeing what the grunting and evil laughing is!
  • Visiting old friends/family: does this need explanation

okay i’m getting distracted now by planning for this weekend! I hope You enjoyed

I feel like doing an amazing blog. But I don’t feel like typing. I feel like drawing with words. I think I will write a story. I don’t know how my readers feel about that, but seeing I don’t have many yet I’ll take advantage of it and write.

She was wearing a hot pink dress. Her bleach blonde hair was in loose curls framing her face. She was talking to a small group of friends, I’m pretty sure they where checking out some boy. Not me, no not me, they’d never look at me. Her laugh is so light and beautiful. Oh no, I think she sees me. Hide, hide, but where? I take my retreat to the punch bowl. The floors are wet from the humidity. Oh no! She is heading towards the punch bowl! I can’t chance having to talk to her! I’d just stumble over my words. I quickly spun around and headed towards the boys bathroom. I can hear my heart pounding. Is she watching me? I can’t look back. I started to run.

I take in a deep sharp breath. “Ahh” It hurts why does my breathing hurt?

“Doctor Doctor! I think he’s awake”

“ma” thats all I can get out, I wince at the pain.

“Everything will be fine hunny,” my mom says. WHATS WRONG? What happened at the dance? Did she see me fall? Did I even fall? Oh no she probly thinks I’m such a clutz. I can hear soft footsteps walk in

“Can we talk to you Mrs. Henderson?” I hear a male’s voice say

“I think he’s awake,” mom says.

“I’ll send a nurse in, but I need to talk to you and your husband now” I can hear her wimper, and the rustle of the chair as dad gets up. I hear him touch his lips to her cheek, and picture him holding her in his large hands like he does. I hear them walk out and a set of soft foot prints come in.

“How are you today Mr. Henderson?” I hear a high soft voice ask.

“ahh…” I try and open my eyes and sit up, i feel a warm welcoming hand help me back down.

“It will be a little while until you can do that,” The soft voice says. It must be a nurse I think. WAIT?!? Why will it be awhile until I can do that? What happened? Is somthing wrong? Why did the doctor need to talk to my parents? Ah my head hurts! I hear the nurse write somthing on some paper as I drift off to sleep.

Thats all you get for now. I have a few Ideas of where this will/could go. Do you want me to continue? maybe I’ll write a novel on here add a chapter each week? That probly wouldn’t be a full chapter. Maybe a prologue? Tell me what you think in the comments!


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