Okay, no more complaining about being sick. But since you asked, I am doing better. No more fever or headache. Just sneezing and sore throat. OKAY NEW SUBJECT.

Okay I have nothing to talk about :(. I haven’t done anything in the last 2 days. Well I’ve layed on the couch, watched tv, drank water, and slept. But Can’t write a whole blog on that!


So as you (you as in no one) may have noticed I now have a header. Want me to feel special and explain it to you? Okay I’ll do that:

fam[ily]: I love my family. They are a big part of my life.

youtube: I’m addicted to youtube. you can find my channel on www.youtube.com/abstractmina

best friends: Friends are also a big part of my life. Lunch with them is what gets me through the day

pink converse: I love to act girly, but only at certain times. I also love to draw on the toe of converses

green and pink hearts: hearts are such a powerful symbol and I love to draw them

peace love and twilight: this isn’t just for twilight, but to show my love of reading in general

country girl: I am a real country girl. I love country music and just gettin down and dirty

stereo: I love music, plain as day

twitter: I love to tweet. I used to do it several times a day, but I’ve been slacking lately

vegetarain heart: I am a vegetarain and I love hugs 😀

I hope you enjoyed this! cuz thats all I got