Good Evening!

I don’t know what to write. I’m going to do a “random write” (start with a work and then you write a word that connects to it then a word that connects to that, until you have an idea of what to write) to get my juices flowing:

dog cat Grissom CSI tv shows american idol singing musical broadway New York Travel airplane airport brotherhood 2.0 wrock ALL CAPS music band flute Mr. Dewitt teachers.

Okay I got it! I will write about Teachers.

So as most of you know I’m in 9th grade. First period I have Band. That is my favorite period because it is where my favorite teacher is. His name is Mr. Dewitt. He is so fun to talk too and he always has a smile on his face. Just the other day he was running around helping everyone who needed it and randomly started saying “I swear I’m NOT ON CRACK, I’m not on crack, I’m not on crack.” It was hillarious. Today we had Little band, which is when its all the people who aren’t in Choir and are in band are there, it ends up being about 15 people. So he comes in and me and my friend Sammy are talking to him. He says we aren’t playing today since he has to help with choir and he is feeling really good with our music for our concert. So we follow him in his office where he has a surplus of movies. He lets us go through them to find a movie for the band to watch. We picked the fox and the hound. He sets it up for us, of course the rest of the group groans at having to watch a disney movie but it goes fine. He then tells us to adjust the lights to our liking. Only about 4 people listen to him. He then says really loud, “MARINA WHY DON”T YOU GO ADJUST THE LIGHTS SINCE YOUR SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO THEM,” where I am the farthest from them. Then someone figures it out and turns them all off. He then turns off one last light where the switch is located in the front instead of the back, and leaves us. So we sit watch the movie and of course a large percent of people text. He doesn’t find us a sub since he knows the only available teacher is Mr. Smith who would be strict and not let us do anything, so we just sit in the band room alone.

My next favorite teacher would be Mrs. Freund. She was my 4th grade teacher. In 4th grade me and my friend where TOTAL teacher pets. But she was soooo nice and almost the whole class cried on the last day of school (okay almost all the GIRLS cried). Seeing she was my teacher 5 years ago I don’t have as much to say about her.

My last favorite teacher (switching to bad teachers after this) would be Mr. Hiltner. He was my 8th grade English teacher. He doesn’t always use conventional ways of teaching, which is very good. One of his most well known lessons is “Burt and the Box” and yes we’re talking about Burt from sesame street. He used it to demonstrate prepositions. “burt goes on the box, burt goes around the box, burt goes in the box, and the best burt goes THROUGH the box” If Burt can do it with the box then it most likely is a preposition. Mr. Hiltner is also a director for the fall musical, one act, and spring play. I am only in Fall Musical and Spring Play since one act is more competative than I prefer. Its so fun to get to talk to him after school. Don’t get me wrong, he gets pretty angry if we get too off track, but he is amazing.

OKAY Now we move to teachers I don’t like.

There really is only one teacher I don’t like. And for the sake of being careful we can call him Mr. Bob. So Mr. Bob is my math teacher this year. I am in Honors Geometery and the description of this compared to regular Geometry is that we will go threw the whole book and regular Geometry won’t. The thing is, regular Geometry is AHEAD of us. Mr. Bob gives us 60-90 problems of homework a night which is quite abit! He also doesn’t teach. He reads directly from the book and then if we ask a question he says “look it up in the book.” The 2nd ranked student in our class about everyother day asks how to do a problem. He asks if anyone knows so he can get out of teaching, and when no one awnsers he attempts to do it. He never gets the awnser from the book. He never gets NEAR the awnser in the book, showing us his geometry skills. This teacher makes it hard to learn!

Okay, well I need to get ready for a cast party. I hope this counts as a quality blog post!

As always, Under Construction!