So today I FINALLY got my charger for my laptop. So I decided to do some file surfing. I found my NaNoWriMo folder. I only actually did NaNoWriMo for a day then got busy. I actually really like what I have so far, its not much but I like it.

Lee Samba, my best friend since when I was in before we where in diapers, was talking about Jessica. He had a major crush on her, there was no denying it. “She’s such a hotty.” He would say. I would just roll my eyes, he knows I hate that word, I prefer beautiful or pretty.

We were on the bus, where it was so loud and busy you could practically have a heart attack and no one except the person sitting next to you would notice. We had another 25 minutes on the bus. About 10 minutes already into the ride. We lived in the country. Our parents shared 50 acres of land, that was located 16 miles out of town.

Lee was going on about Jessica, and described every movement she made in gym to me. Not that I cared, but I humored him and listened. After about 10 minutes I directed the conversation into what we where going to do for our birthdays. Our birthdays where a day apart. We where born exactly 24 hours and 11 minutes apart. So we’ve made it tradition to celebrate that time slot.

This year we where going to have a 6 hour birthday party with our friends, a movie, bowling, swimming, haunted house, and a drivers test. We talked them into letting me take mine a few hours early. This year was defiantly going to be the best one yet! Oh and I can’t forget our bet. In 2nd grade we made a bet that whoever fell asleep in the time slot would have to kiss the other. No one had fallen asleep since then. Kissing seamed so immature, but neither of us either dared to change a bet.

The bus slowed to a stop. I saw my little brother Gap get up to get off so Lee and me got up and followed him off. Gap’s name really was Carson, but he had a big gap in between his first two teeth. We called him it when he was 3 and its just kind of stuck.

Once off the bus I turned and said good bye to Lee, even though we would see each other again in an hour and a half, after homework. I went inside with Gap and said hi to my mom. Our conversation was simple.


“Hello Gracie”
“Off to do my homework”

“Okay I’ll see you at dinner” She said while I was running down the stairs to my room. My room is in the basement. I prefer it over sleeping with snoring Gap. The room is in the back of the basement, after the water heater and the laundry room. Its almost always cold, but blankets make up for that. Only the front wall is finished, giving me privacy, the rest are just bare wooden planks. The best part of my room though is the Jacuzzi. It used to be the family’s one that sat outside, but to many stray cats drowned in it so it ended up in the basement. We never used it since it wasn’t hooked up, but when we remodeled the basement to add a room, I begged for it to be in my room. After a month of mowing the lawn, and babysitting Carson for free I got it in my room. I’m only allowed to use it on the weekends and when my parents are home. Which means I use it after they go to sleep, just so I can calm down and read.

So I plunked down on my bed and got to work. I had tons of math homework to do, and not to mention a chapter to read in To Kill a Mocking Bird. After finishing my math and a sentence in the book, mom called me up for dinner. I could read in the Jacuzzi after mom and dad go to bed. “Dad won’t be home until later tonight, so we will have to go over to the Samba’s house without him.” This wasn’t the first time. Actually he missed supper more than he made it to supper.


yeah thats it. I hope you enjoyed it.