And the bubble popped.

A baby cryed and let go of its balloon

it floated up and away.

It floated above churches,

and kids playing tag.

The youngest boy just got it,

he chased a young girl around.

They both tripped,

the boy rolled onto the girl.

For a moment they starred

into eachothers eyes.

A butterfly flew by,

the girl got up and ran after it.

It flew higher and out of her reach.

It flapped its wings,

and flew into the abyss.


Okay yesss I know, random poem = lame. I didn’t know what I had instore for this blog post, and it just kind of went on and on. It is tottaly free verse! So tomarrow I’m going to be sending the first letter I’ve sent in the longest time. Its to one of my best online friends. It was alot of fun to make! I would tell you more about it but she kinda reads this and then I will give it away, so you can wait till she confirms she has gotten it. I also want to say congratulations to her for having over 2,000 views on her blog