I feel like doing an amazing blog. But I don’t feel like typing. I feel like drawing with words. I think I will write a story. I don’t know how my readers feel about that, but seeing I don’t have many yet I’ll take advantage of it and write.

She was wearing a hot pink dress. Her bleach blonde hair was in loose curls framing her face. She was talking to a small group of friends, I’m pretty sure they where checking out some boy. Not me, no not me, they’d never look at me. Her laugh is so light and beautiful. Oh no, I think she sees me. Hide, hide, but where? I take my retreat to the punch bowl. The floors are wet from the humidity. Oh no! She is heading towards the punch bowl! I can’t chance having to talk to her! I’d just stumble over my words. I quickly spun around and headed towards the boys bathroom. I can hear my heart pounding. Is she watching me? I can’t look back. I started to run.

I take in a deep sharp breath. “Ahh” It hurts why does my breathing hurt?

“Doctor Doctor! I think he’s awake”

“ma” thats all I can get out, I wince at the pain.

“Everything will be fine hunny,” my mom says. WHATS WRONG? What happened at the dance? Did she see me fall? Did I even fall? Oh no she probly thinks I’m such a clutz. I can hear soft footsteps walk in

“Can we talk to you Mrs. Henderson?” I hear a male’s voice say

“I think he’s awake,” mom says.

“I’ll send a nurse in, but I need to talk to you and your husband now” I can hear her wimper, and the rustle of the chair as dad gets up. I hear him touch his lips to her cheek, and picture him holding her in his large hands like he does. I hear them walk out and a set of soft foot prints come in.

“How are you today Mr. Henderson?” I hear a high soft voice ask.

“ahh…” I try and open my eyes and sit up, i feel a warm welcoming hand help me back down.

“It will be a little while until you can do that,” The soft voice says. It must be a nurse I think. WAIT?!? Why will it be awhile until I can do that? What happened? Is somthing wrong? Why did the doctor need to talk to my parents? Ah my head hurts! I hear the nurse write somthing on some paper as I drift off to sleep.

Thats all you get for now. I have a few Ideas of where this will/could go. Do you want me to continue? maybe I’ll write a novel on here add a chapter each week? That probly wouldn’t be a full chapter. Maybe a prologue? Tell me what you think in the comments!