I’m Cliche. Why, you may ask? I just titled my blog with song lyrics. But I love this song (You Belong With me By Taylor Swift). So guess what! EWWW No, get your mind out of the randy gutter! OKAY NO! Not that, one more guess? UGH! Okay do you want me to just tell you? Well guess what, I kind of forgot already, no lies. Okay lies, since I wrote THERE IS A POINT TO THIS BLOG BUT I DON”T REMEMBER IT! but then I started doing the GUESS WHAT to take up space before that whole “there is a point to this blog but I don’t remember it” thing. OKAY! TO THE POINT!

So as many, most, or all of you know; I’m in band, and I play flute. I’m also in ninth grade, which means I get/have to do highschool band things that are fun/boring. I enjoy being part of pep band since it is a small group of people who aren’t complaining about having to be there. Well on Monday, yes Memorial day, the day schools don’t have school. Well I get to show up at school a WHOLE 10 MINUTES late! WOO! No not really since i’d rather being sleeping at that time. Oh and not to mention I get to bike the mile plus there. So yes I get have to be at school at 8:15AM to go on a hot sweaty bus to go to a town 7 miles away to play for 10 minutes before their memorial service, after that back on the sweaty bus. Once we get back to school we will have some time to venture down to a local gas station and get donuts and such, which is great! Right? Not if your an underclassmen without a drivers license or a car. If i’m lucky I might be able to fetch a ride with Logan or Jon (yes I know these names are pointless to you but BOO HOO [wow am i being bitchy or what?]) So then around 10 we play for the memorial service at our school for 10 minutes, then BACK ON THE BIG YELLOW BUS, to go to the elementary school that is a town over and takes about 10 minutes to get too. Once there we play through out the whole ceremony. Then FINALLY, they feed us! FOR FREE! Exiting, right? Not when it’s hotdogs and your a vegetarian.

Then on the 29th we’re playing at Graduation where we have to dress up and watch people to get pieces of paper tied up in ribbon. PLUS we don’t even get to play Pomp and Circumfrances. So both of those are required and I kind of wish it was just pep band cuz then that means less imature people will be there.

Next on June 14th PEP BAND!!!! Is playing in the parade for [My town’s name here] Days! I was genuinly exited for this, since we get to play the fight song, tequilla, land of a thousand dances, and louis lois! Until I remember I’m getting my wisdom teen removed just 5 days before this. So I ask Mr. De Witt how long you can’t play after having wisdom teeth removed, he said 14 days, which makes me sad :(. So I told him what was going on and asked if I could do cymbals or cow bell or SOMTHING since the parade plus homecoming = a letter to go on my letterman’s jacket! He said he’d have me carry the banner that says we’re the band. WOOHOO :(. Well I’ll get the points for lettering either way I guess I just won’t be able to play with the other fabulous flutists.

Okay I’m actually thinking that these will be fun (okay maybe not graduation…) but the rest will, but it seams like on the 2 I should geniunly be exited for there is some reason to put a damper on. I got to get dressed now since I’m babysitting in 20 minutes!

As always, Under Construction