So today i woke up, went on the computer, had a fun little encounter

I was sitting in the kitchen on the computer in my pajamas (large tshirt and underroos) and the door bell rings. I yell, “Mom can you get the door? I”m in my underwear.”
So my mom yells back, “I don’t have my teeth in” so I hear her rumble around in the bathroom, get them in the come downstairs to the door. Low and behold, the door was open and the screen was down on the storm door, the poor 2 Jahova’s Witnesses heard the whole thing. My mom politely turned them down.

My mom and me had a good laugh about that. Then later in the day, after I got dressed this is, we went shopping and went to see UP. It was a very cute movie!

I have now bought two “Muggle CDs” on Itunes. For those who don’t know, that is Wizard Rock artist’s songs that aren’t about the potter boy. I have Lauren Fairweather’s newest one, and ALL CAPS only one.  They are very fun to listen too.

Okay so blog, your kind of a support system to me so i’m going to “lean on you.” I really don’t want to go back to school. Thankfully I only have 2 more days of classes and 2 days of exams, but I can’t stand school! It’s not that I’m bored, and don’t like my teachers. It’s that my grade is unbelievably imature and I can’t stand it. Just last Friday I had a panic attack in the hallways. It was right before my study hall, so I had time to settle down luckly. It also didn’t help that someone who I useally walk to study hall with wasn’t there since she got distracted and walked with someone else, so I didn’t have her to distract me from the hecticness. I really don’t want to return to those hallways. Just going over what happened with my mom I started to have a panic attack with memories from it. Next week is, grantfully a new week, but also it’s the last week and that will make these imature 9th graders itching with exitement of the upcoming summer. FUUUUNNNN! not.

Okay i’m in one of my pessamistic mood. People who make me smile, why aren’t you online to keep me away from my thoughts? I’ll get lost in my music instead.