hey bloggie!

I’m in a happy mood! I just spent a few hours doing nerdie things on farmtown on facebook, which always makes me feel productive, when indeed, I am not being productive. I’m really happy where this blog has been going. I’ve never kept up with a blog this well! Okay, so I’ve only had 2 blogs before, but still! I’ve been watching my stats slowly go up, less and less days with zero views, and my most views in a day keeps changing, so yay! Okay sorry I was prettending more than just a few people cared there.

I like optimistic moods. Okay, I guess everyone does, other than like Satan. But I haven’t had many of these feelings lately, okay but i’m optimistic right now, don’t go back to pessimistic mood!

So i’ve been listening to alot more music lately. I used to listen to it like 25/7 and then I slowed down, like seriously slowed down. This weekend I bought 22 dollars worth of music from itunes, and have been listening to that music over and over and over, along with my old playlists. It’s really helped me. I gotta get my mp3 player working again. Some people may need a boy to be happy, all i need is music, and supportive friends! Oh sorry! You too wordpress! =)

So this summer I’m saving for a macbook! YAY. Okay i’ve already started, but once i get that I can use the isight camera and make more videos with imovie and i’m just overall exited about that! My current laptop’s battery is on the fritz and isn’t reliable. So as of now I have 5 dollars in my macbook. Yeah IK not much, but i have 240 in my savings account that will go towards that. I’m still deciding on the exactness of what i’m getting, but thats the fun of it!

So you’ve all probly read about my horrible math teacher. I was worrying about being ineligable (D or lower) for Musical next fall. I got the courage up to check my grade and I have a C!!!! That is useally HORRIBLE for me, but I was SOOO happy to have a solid C you woudln’t believe it. I’m not getting A honor roll for sure, but my grades, for me, aren’t overall that bad.

Okay, ik this is kind of short, but I want to run outside and be crazy right now!

ILY Optimistic mood!