Heyaaa!!!! I’m in a creative mood! Do you ever get these like URGES to blog? I used to always get these urges, lets call them creative urges, to do somthing. Now that I blog I can feed those urges with BLOGGING! (big suprise, huh)

I feel like being creative RRRRIGHT NOW. like posting pictures or somthing super fantasticly fun for you guys to look at. OH OH OH I GOT IT

hehehe, if found him, can you?

hehehe, if found him, can you?

 Ik it’s super teensy weensy but i could find him even with the smallness, so get to work! I love where’s waldo! I was at Target the other day waiting for my mom to buy a new book, and looking at the children’s books (which I love to do) and I was trying to find waldo! Isn’t Waldo amazing? I want to name my first son Waldo and buy him a white and red striped hat, then play hide and seek with him, when he is older of course, so he doesn’t roll over and kill himself…

3 more days of school!!!!!!!!!!! Yay, no pessimistic thoughts about school. Nope, just that its almost over. And no Science final! YAYA.

GAH I want to run around in circles, but i can’t type, and run around, and think, all at the same time. I can multi task, but not that much!!! So I noticed I kind of started somthing, and never continued. The whole novel thing. Well I’ve found I’m REALLY good at starting novels. Okay not really good, but moderetly okay. But then once I have to get past a page, I give up. If anyone wants to write a novel and wants to put my name on it for writing the first page, just tell me I’ll send you a few beganings of storys! hehe.

I’ve been running out of ideas alot lately. i useally try and make my blog posts over 600 words. but I’ve been running out of juice at around 300 =(. That makes me sad (hence the sad face)

-thats it, sorry.