AHHH! Really? 4 days since I posted a blog, and it was a short one at that. I have no excuses. Okay, yes I do. My computer isn’t charging one bit, it used to here and there but now it isn’t, and I’m a lazy sophmore on summer vacation not wanting to go into the basement on the slow computer. But I finally did out of guilt.

So other than school is done, nothing really is new. I’m 24 WHOLE dollars closer to my macbook, is that of any interest to you? Oh I got a cell phone today. its just a tracfone but its amazing. It’s a slider. So if you know my irl, or if you know me well enough that I have your numbers allready (Nora and Marissa) ask me for my #!

So today I got a 24 pack of sharpie markers! They are AMAZING. I’ve been really into sharpie art lately, so I begged my mom for this pack and she got it! Now instead of just having silver, black, and blue I have 17 other colors, plus limited edition cafe colors that are so pretty and amazing. If it wasn’t for me being lazy I would so take a picture of them for you!

Today I was at culvers and got 2 quarts of frozen custard for after surgery. I’m kind of exited for this surgery. I’m going to be pampered. The only bad part is that its before a big town fair, and I can’t play flute in the marching band, I get to be a lame banner holder. WOO-Hoo. not.

When I was exitedly opening up my sharpie box I got a deep cardboard cut  on my finger. =(. I’m a bandade addict and it is really ackwardly placed on my finger.

I’m a big believer in bandages. You may ask yourself “How would someone not believe in bandages? I mean they’re solid things that are there!” Well I think they, like time, heals all wounds. Bandaids just make you feel better. I’ve used a bandade after getting in a fight with a friend, just cuz it was a source of a smile! Okay, no I haven’t. that was a lie. But I promise you, next fight I get in, I’ll use a bandage to heal it! 😀

So I’m going to go play dress up! love you!