Heyaaa!!! I’m sitting here, waiting for my rice to finish cooking, and decided to check my stats. Yesterday was my busiest day, with 39 views. What was so special about yesterday’s blog? Why don’t you 39 people tell me 🙂

So today I get to go to fireworks! Well tonight. Its for a big festival type thing my town does the 2nd weekend every June. I’m also babysitting tonight, so it will be nice to get out of the house for the first time since Tuesday.

Today I got my report card in the mail. I’m a little confused about it. I expected to have a blank on my science exam and video productions, but I only have 2 exam grades on there. So I am left not knowing my Civics and English exam grades. They didn’t effect my grades, so I guess thats good, but I’m a little disapointed.  I got a C (if you care) on my Honors Geometry exam, so that kept my grade stationary at a C in that class. I’m pretty happy with that. Don’t get me wrong, in any other class I would throw a FIT if I got a C, but I, as I have stated before, really struggled with this teacher and curriculm. I love how he put positive attitude on the comments section. REALLY? REALLY? I never pay attention in class, and you called me imature in my notebook! I think he knows parents don’t like him so its probly his way of kissing up!

Okay enough rambling on about my math teacher. School seams even more over now that the report card is home! I guess I’ll go eat my rice now!

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❤ Marina