Hello world of blog readers!

Today is Saterday. Today is when having no social life, well, basicly sucks a big one. I’m sitting in the living room, with, yup you guessed it, a laptop, typing my blog. I guess it is only 10 AM and most humans in my age range are probly in sleepy-time mode.

Today I’m stopping taking the ever-so-strong (not to mention lovely) pain killers. I’m now stepping down to ibroprofin, which is not so strong and lovely, and still leaves some pain. But on the bright side, I’m not drowsy any more! 🙂

Okay I want to talk to you about somthing. Okay write to you about somthing.


I think that the smile shortcut is very cute, and just adds a little pizzaz to a blog entry. But WordPress went and made the nice little (: into an evil grin :)! Their little cartoon smile is not cute. It just makes me think of diobolical plans to take over the world. Not that I have any such thing, but you gleam my meaning! 🙂

Yesterday I was curtious enough to take some nice pictures for you, blog of mine, but why haven’t I posted any yet? I can’t find the cord for my cammera. I am SOOO looking forward to having a cammera attatched to my computer. Once I do this blog will have way more pictures, and will probly lose the few views it has.

Right now, frankly, I am in pain. Not horrible pain, but GAH THIS IS ANNOYING pain. So I am going to leave you at that.

-Under Construction is the Game-

-Marina is the name-