Today I feel like I have alot to write. So this will probly be short, cuz it never works like that, I know that by now.

My cat has been peeing in my room. Ew, gross, right? So we thought it was just once or twice, we cleaned it up, it was a little musty but we didn’t have time to do much else. With the summer my room has become unbarebly hot and well, smelly. My mom bought a carpet shampooer, thinking it would help. Well it didn’t. So the last few nights I’ve been sleeping in the living room. That leaves me waking up sore somewhere on my body from the weird sleeping positions. Also, my mom as you can expect isn’t all to happy about this cat. He is a part of the family, so its not like we could just bring him to the vet, and, well you can figure it out. She’s basicly decided we’re getting rid of him. We have to wait a little while since he has an infection on his leg. Since of this infection we haven’t been letting him outside. Well lastnight he snuck out. We haven’t seen him since. It isn’t that uncommon for him to stay out for 40 hours after being couped up for a long time. But of course my mom brings up “Alot of times if cats can sense your getting rid of them they’ll run away.” He deffinatly could sense that energy off my mom. He was avoiding her at all costs and all jumpy when he was within 10 feet of her. I hope he didn’t run away. He’s such a good cat! It was just that a few times we let his litterbox go too long so he needed to find a new spot, and once  a cat marks their territory, you know what happens…

GREAT I’ve already forgotten everything else I wanted to write about. I guess I’ll write about somthing random?

I’ve been still eating really carefully since wisdom teeth removal seeing I’m trying to avoid dry sockets, and just overall pain. Now my stitches have dissolved, to soon and i have this flap and a hollow space. probly going to have to go in, and might have dry sockets. Doesn’t THAT sound fun?

Yesterday was the last day of [insert my hometown’s name here] Days. As every year there was a parade. I’m in band, as I’ve stated before and wanted the pep band points so I went to play in the parade. Since I can’t play for a week after surgery I got to play a percussion instrument. I was actually kind of exited. Get to stand in back, instead of in front with the flutes, and improvise with some instrument with a funny name. When i got there I was handed a Maracca, which I was absolutely fine with. So there I was standing in the back shaking to the rythm of the fight song when Mr. Dewitt comes to the back of the room takes the Maracca out of my hand and gives me another instrument and a drum stick. Yay, right? I get an intresting, foreign instrument with a fun name to write about in my blog. Nope, of course not. Want to know the ever so interesting name of the instrument i played? The block. WOO HOOO! Not. It’s a plastic hollow block open on one side. Atleast I still get to stand in the back and improvise? Nope I get to stand in front my the flutes and keep the beat, the whole parade. It wasn’t all to bad, but it was boring and tiring, thats for sure! Don’t forget I’m in the front, the farthest from the percussionests, so I screwed up the beat a few times. Once durring the fight song I started playing the rythm instead. oops. Oh well, atleast next year I will be playing my flute to the songs that are familiar to me!

I think saying “I have alot to say so this will probly end up being a short blog” unjinxed my jinx and made it so It could be longer! As of now I have 697 words! Its the longest blog post I’ve had in awhile! YAY!

-marina(a very happy one to be exact)