Hi Hi!

So today i’m blogging for one reason, and that will be at the end. For now I get to ramble on about nothing of importance. I have no idea what to ramble on about. How about rambling? Rambling is a way to drag somthing out so it will last longer. One might do it on a date to spend more time with the person. Another reason one might ramble is because they are nervous. I do this alot, but that is not why I am rambling right now. According to www.urbandictionary.com ramble means: Going on and on about a stupid and worthless subject that no ones interested in anyway

How was that, a ramble about rambling? I think its pretty nifty.

*the crowd goes wild*
HOLD ON! What crowd?
Okay, moving forward

This is my kitty hugging a moose

This is my kitty hugging a moose


That is my cat, Grissom hugging a moose, burt. I took this while talking to Nora (found at www.junkinmahcranium.wordpress.com ). Nora also gave me the moose!