Wow. It doesn’t seem like it’s been, what 6 days since I last blogged! I have no excuses for not blogging on Wed. or Thursday. Friday I was babysitting and this weekend i went on a very interesting last minute camping trip. Now It’s Monday and I’m glad to be blogging again.

Someone’s blog I read did a post on lyrics. She asked “what are your favorite lyrics?” One of her favorite’s where from a tv show. Strange Days of Blake Howsly High, to be exact. Thinking about mine, mine are also from a tv show, Degrassi The Next Generation. I’ve been watching this show quite alot lately, thanks to no school and this like giant June Degrassi marathon. I used to watch it back when it just came out, When Emma, JT, Liberty were in 7th grade and Spinner, Ashley, Paige were in 8th. Now Spinner and them are graduated. Okay now onto the lyrics part of it. I don’t know all of the lyrics too the theme song, but the most repeated part is “We’re going to make it through” [note this is the original theme song, not the new lame one that has like no words] To me, this is such a true lyric/quote. High School isn’t easy. Expecially if you compare it to how they tell you about it in the ackward 9th grade orientation by the National Honor Society. I remember being told their over and over, “these will be the best years of your life,” “The four years will go by so fast,” and “the friends you meet here will be your friends for the rest of your life.” So far, none of these are true for me. My 9th grade year was the 2nd worst year in my life, after 8th grade. The last month in 9th grade, was the worst month in my life. The year did go by faster then previous years, so I guess that is kind of true. In my school I don’t even really have a best friend. I have a group I’m close to and hang out with, but I’m yet to have a sleepover, or a more than 2 minute phone call with any of them. I also can’t stand my grade, as I’ve mentioned before, so don’t worry I won’t go on about that. But the group I’m close with, is a year above me, so hopefully some awesome new nerd kids come to my grade before Senior year! “The friends you meet here will be your friends for the rest of your life,” Looking at adults in my life, this isn’t true for any of them. My grandma, all her friends are from work, red hatters, or college. My mom doesn’t have much of a social life, just some work friends. I have a ton of more examples, but I don’t want to go on about that. OKAY I just kind of noticed I got REALLY off topic. Back to the lyric “we’re going to make it through” As I’ve said several times so far, High School is long, not fun, and just hard, but you know what? We’re going to make it through, one way or another.

Now that I’m on the quote/lyric page I want to talk about my motto for this blog. “Under Construction.” The road to success is alway under construction. This is true in two ways. 1.) If you grew up in the 60’s  your path to success might be to pass High School, and if you wanted a job with a degree you got a 2-4 year degree. You knew for some reason you wheren’t supposed to do drugs, but it was never made clear, so you did them, not really knowing how bad they where. If you grow up now the path to success is about getting good grades, being ready to compete in a global market, trying to take advance classes so you can take college classes your junior and senior year to get into the real world sooner, saving for college, being in plenty of extra curriculars to get into a good college. I’m not saying that no one worried about some of these things in the 60s, but it was different, even if I am really bad at making examples. 2.) YOUR path to success is always under construction. Maybe you entered High School on the B honor roll. you had trouble with some teachers and ended up flunking half your classes, and now your path to success is to pass summer school and keep a D average through the rest of high school, and not drop out. Maybe you entered High School at a D average, trying to just get through, ended on B honor roll and planning a career as a Intererior designer. [input your path to success and how it has changed in comments]

My path to success, and how has it changed: I started out in 5th grade really being into politics. I decided I wanted to be a lawyer since that is a good job to have before you run for state office. I believed that’s what I wanted until 9th grade. At our school we have a class called Focus. It is required for all 9th grade students. In this class we learn life skills and how to find careers and plan our high school classes for certain careers. We also had a big project where we had to research all the jobs we are interested in. Of course, I researched Lawyer. I found that wasn’t a career for me. I found that a career in Radioligy was more my forte. We also had to shadow someone in the field we were interested in. I still would like to be legislator or Senator, since politics is somthing that really interests me, but I might just start out a little different.

What are you really interested in? Are you a left wing or a right wing? are you democratic or republic? What are your views on Abortion? Creation or evolution? Gay marriage? All that stuff interests me so much. I have my opinions, which for all of that stuff is very left wing, and for those of you who don’t know that:
I’m Democratic.
I’m pro-choice.
I believe in evolution.
I support same sex marriage.

I love hearing other people’s opinions on political issues. I love having arguments over those things. I’m very open minded. I really doubt you’ll be able to change my mind on any of the above issues, but I’m always ready to listen to why someone thinks the opposite of what I am for is more correct.

I have been convinced that biblical creation should be taught in any class where evolution is taught, but then students should not be allowed to get notes out of class for one or the other. I am a total believer in evolution, but I know it isn’t proven, so we should be taught the other side of it. The hard part about teaching it would be you’d probly have to do a whole unit on it and what different parts of the world, and different religion beliefs. I wish it was taught, since I’d like to learn more about it, call me crazy.

This is one of the reasons I really liked Obama’s platform. He is open to listen to the other side. Now he doesn’t talk about creation and evolution, but when creating laws he listens to the other sides opinion. He even has Republicans in his cabnet! I find that so amazing! I think of myself as alot like Obama. Just how we are both so open to listening to the other side.

Okay, this blog post has gone from tv show lyrics, to under construction, to paths to success, to beliefs, to Obama! Wow, no wonder this is such a word pwn of  1314 words!

-Under Construction