Remember way back when? When i started a story? Well I’m in a writing mood so it is now continued. If you haven’t read the first part please go and read it! Thanks

          “Good Afternoon Mr. Henderson!”
          That must be the nurse again. I open my eyes just fine, then try and sit up. Ahhh, oh yeah I, well I, I think a little bit then remember that I don’t know what happened. “Mom?”
        “She just took a little break, she should be back soon. Your dad is in the chair sleeping,” The chipper nurse says, “are you ready for your dinner?”
       I turn my head enough to see dad. His leg is twitching like it does when he is nervous. I ignore the nurse’s question and ask questions of my own, “How long have I been here? What happened to me?” Talking still isn’t all that easy, I have enough breath to get one more question out, “Why is dad nervous?”  I’m now trying to catch my breath.
          “Calm down now Mr. Henderson, I’ll awnser all those questions after you…” 
           I give her a glare when she calls me Mr. Henderson. “My Name is Jerald.”
         “Okay Jerald, how about some apple sauce?” The nurse replys, without missing a beat.
         “Answer my questions first!” I attempt to make myself sound serious, but I can’t get enough energy to do that.
         “Okay Jerald, You have been here for, oh look it’s already been 2 days. Your getting better each hour, the time has just flown by!” I’m getting a little sick of all this peppy chearleader nurse,”You slipped at the dance, and the ambulance brought you to the ER, and then you where brought here. For the last question, what parent wouldn’t be nervous when there child is hurt?”
            “If I just fell, why am I in such bad shape?” I’m exhausted, I try to not let the nurse see that.
            The nurse looks around a little bit, is she, nervous? Why would she be nervous? “That’s enough questions for now Jerald! For now, eat some apple sauce!”
             “I think I’m tired, I’m going to go back to sleep,” Why won’t she tell me more?
            “Could you please just eat some apple sauce? If not for me, for your mom and dad?” She doesn’t sound as chipper now.
             “I’m not stupid, I know I have a feeding tube in, just feed me through there, I’m going to go to sleep.
            “Oh Mr Jeffery,” She says in her chipper voice again. As I start to drift off I can hear her hum a little tune. It reminds me of when my mom used to hum to me before I started school.

That seams like a perfect place to stop. I don’t want to, but i don’t want to start a new segment. Maybe more tomarrow? Who knows.

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