I’m in a funk right now. I’m in a very depressed mood for reasons I’m not going to elaborate on. I feel like organizing, cleaning. The only real thing I can organize or clean now is my bedroom. The thing is, I really would rather be on the computer talking to people then up in my room all alone. I would organize somthing on the computer, but I don’t really have anything to organize. How about I come up with a list of things about me, and I will organize it if possible. I will then post it on here? Okay? Okay!

I’m a vegetarian
I’m 15, turning 16 on July 16th
I’ve never met my best friends
Hard shell is my favorite ice cream topping, for now atleast
Sad songs uplift my mood
There is a secret about me I’m not telling you.
Hugs make me feel better
Rice is amazing
I clean my room at night, never in the day unless forced
I’m scared of being judged
I’m not as original as I would like to be
I’ve had poetry published
I’m a dog person, but I have a cat
My cat isn’t staying with me much longer
I have a snake obsession
My heart feels empty
I’m a cry baby
I’m a tattle tale
I’m lazy
I’m a pessamist
I get embarrassed easily
I am scared to return back to school
I wish she understood
I still sleep with a blanky
I have 84 spoons in my collection
I used to have a collection of collections
I go through food fads like models go through clothes fads
I miss you
The only thing I miss in school is the theater department
I’m obsessed with you tube
I spend to much on the computer
I love to take photos
Your crazy
I’m a sharpie addict
I used to be addicted to caffeine
I don’t like Johnny Depp
I have a love hate relationship with Twilight
I hate money
If we would of known we surely would of solved it
I don’t understand people
I want to be a Poly Sci proffessor when I grow up
I ate flaffles for dinner
I like Morningstar corn dogs with mayo
I forget to be awesome
I follow music trends
Dakota Fanning is my favorite actress
I love to draw
I’m glad you left
I worry to much
I’m Wed. on thesexymacarroni

Okay I’m not editing it, but that is 50 things, and i’m using it also for a youtube video!