Yesterday I found my greatest love! No not a boy (even though there was a hot boy at the 4th party) but for; Yes you probly didn’t guess it (unless your Marissa) CORN SNAKES!!!!!!!!!

You wouldn’t BELIVE how much I LOVE these little things. My soon to be cousin asked me if I wanted to see her snake. I wasn’t all to exited but figured, why not? I went down to her room with her and she picked it up. It was orange, yellow, and red. My cousin asked if I wanted to hold her, and I did. While talking I held that lovely snake for about 10 minutes. The second I had to give it back I was planning how to talk my mom into letting me get one.

There, an obsession was born! Ever since then I have been looking at pictures of these beautiful snakes. My mom was tottaly not into the idea at first. Now I have been spurting out all this information on them and how easy they are to take care of and she knows I am really serious about this!

We are still getting rid of our cat, Grissom. She said so today. I am sad about that, but the one and only good thing about it is that it will help talk my mom into getting me the snake.

Now, after talking about all these snakes, I want to go back on the forums at www.cornsnakes.com and look at pictures and learn more about them!

Bye lovely readers!