Notice that greeting? Yeah that one that is about 2 lines above this line? I got this off the link I provided yesterday. I happen to know that this word does not only mean hello, but also peace.

I went to an archery camp the summer of 6th grade. It was also a Methodist church camp, but the focus was on archery and there was about a half hour of bible lessons each day and prayers at meals. Each day at the “opening ceremony” we learned a word from a different country that meant peace. The first days word was Shalom. On the shirts it also said all 6 of the words.

Here is a picture of me and all of the kids who also attended this camp:
Archery camp 06

I am the one with the pinkish red circle around me. Yes i have changed a lot since this camp. The girl in the blue circle is the girl I attended this camp with. Her dad was my mom’s boss at the time. She invited me to her cabin a few times and we went to this camp together. At the time she went to private school and me public. In 7th grade she transferred too public school, and we where in two different groups and it just made it too difficult to stay friends, though we do still talk on msn here and there.

If you look around at the picture you notice that there are two girls in between us. The one who is in the back’s name is Libby and she was a junior counselor. Originally she was the only archery girl’s counselor. The other girl I don’t remember her name, and she was the original fishing girl’s counselor, along with 2 other girls. If you then look around some more, there are no more girls in the picture. So, yes, my friend and me where the only girls in the archery camp. As I stated before there was also a Fishing camp going on at the same time  on the same camp ground. The boys had a fishing cabin, and an archery cabin. There was only 1 girls cabin since it would be pointless for my friend and me to have our own cabin.

On Wednesday night there was something that each camp was supposed to have, it was like a prayer service in the wings. Our cabin was attached to the boys fishing cabin, and the archery boy’s cabin was across the fire pit (which was quite large). When everyone else did this, and we still only had Libby as the counselor, this is basically how it went down, she told us we are supposed to pray and be thankful that we are here. So we sat for a few seconds in silence, and she said, “well enough of that, Want me to teach you how to play poker?” so we played poker with my friend’s m&ms. That was pretty awesome!

This is the only ever overnight camping experience I have had. It was a very fun one, and I hope you enjoyed my reminiscing!

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