G’day Mate!

I love digging up old keep sakes! They bring back such old good memorys. Today I found an old box that contained; a pokemon coin from 1999,
Pokemon Coin!

a ring with a 1907 (replicated) penny on it, and my old marble collection. But today I’m going to only touch on one of those subjects, being pokemon.

Pokemon used to me a very large part of my life. I got my first two decks from my Grandpa for Christmas in Kindergarten. I also got a Pokeball with a golden Pikachu card in it. I practiced setting up games on my little plastic mat and got anyone and everyone to play with me. I remember playing late into the night (at that time was probably around 8:30 pm) with our foreign exchange student, her using one deck and me using the other.

After awhile I lost the cards. Pokemon where out and Yugio was in, and no one wanted to play with me anymore. I never lost my passion for Pokemon, it just hibernated for awhile. I never got into Yugio, I didn’t like how expensive it got. I did however get into the Crazy Bone craze. Do any of you remember crazy bones? They where cheaply made plastic blobs with faces that you would flick at each other to knock the opponents down.

OKAY back to the Pokemon talk. My love was again rekindled when I bought the ruby version of the game boy advance pokemon game. I played it for hours. I would make new characters and start over, and just loved it! I brought my old cards back out of the closet and organized them since everyone was more interested in the video game then the card game. My love then again went into another hibernation.

After a move and a few more years I met a friend who loved pokemon. She had two decks and we would duel each other.  Once I got home I looked and looked for my old cards only to find them to of been lost during the move. I then went to the store and bought a starter pack and started to get my deck prepared for my next battle. I went to garage sales and bought some powerful trainers and bought mini card packs to add to my collection. I battled this friend several times over 3 years.

She has since moved away. I still have some Pokemon talks, and know the exact location of my cards, but haven’t pulled them out for a good dual very recently. Hopefully I will find another friend with my love for Pokemon and we can duel late into the hours of 8:30. 😀


p.s. when my spell check wants to correct pokemon, it has parachutist as an option. Oh spell checker, you have so much of awesome yet that isn’t in your dictionary!

p.p.s. Today I was at the store looking for games for my Gameboy Advance to find they are no longer manufactured! That is depressing!