Yoo Hoo!

Today I had auditions for Prairie Fire, along with an hour of practice. Auditions went well. They where fun, like always. I was in the group who had to sing for auditions, and I BOMBED that part. I need to be able to hear myself, and we sang in a group, then went individually, and I was yet to hear myself, and was horrible. I ended up being the Maid (it’s beauty and the beast, if you weren’t aware.) I have  a total of six lines, plus some group lines, my solo lines being:

  • I’m sorry, your majesty, we tried to stop them!
  • I went to clean his room and the door was shut so I knocked and his fightening voice came through the door saying “CAN’T YOU READ THE SIGN?!” (Sees Beauty) OH!
  • Beauty…Miss Beauty…Miss Beauty…
  • I’m sorry, I was just trying to wake you.
  • Here is your cloak, Beauty!
  • Oh, Beauty, you are back, but I fear it may be too late!

I know some of them don’t make sense out of contact, but I’m not that ambitious. One of my close friend’s got the part of Beauty. She deserves it. I’m not all to disappointed in my role because I have seen the lead in the Spring Play last year play a role that is smaller than mine at Prairie Fire. All the parts except for the main are pretty small since we only have 2 days to memorize lines. So Yay! I will hopefully provide you with pictures soon!

p.s. updated categories. They aren’t so random. I don’t have everything organized into them yet, soon grasshopper, soon.