Hey ya!

What be happening home dog? I really want to start this post off on the right page, and I think this is a good way to start it:

marina says (8:03 PM):
Random question of the day: If you could say anything to the world, what would you say?
M iz still cool, yo! says (8:03 PM):
“Don’t forget to be awesome.”

From now on, when I post a blog, I will have a random question of the day! Are you excited? I’m stoked! I will also answer this question. YAY FOR ADDING DEPTH TO THIS BLOG YO!!

This blog is so deep, isn’t it? I mean one minute I have you in tears and the next one I have you shizzing your pants with laughter.
Okay sorry that is a lie. If everything was rated from 1-5 feet deep instead of 1-5 stars my blog would probably have a 11 inches deepness rating. Sorry Kiddos, you know it’s true. Okay I know that’s a lie, I am in deed quite proud of this blog. But wouldn’t it be kind of somewhat awesome if serious things where rated in feet of deepness instead of stars? Stars are just so… universal. (pun intended)

Okay sorry, it’s already in this blog,
If you could say anything to the world right now, what would you say?

My answer was: Don’t forget to eat your cereal kiddos!

Now if I actually where to have the chance too say anything to the world, I would think of something more serious, but serious is not something provided here at my road. Yeah it is. I ‘ve had lots and tons of serious posts. Sushi up! Gah Okay, sorry your royal beastlyness.

SO OF COURSE!!!! The question of the day is also meant to be aimed at you commenters to be more involved! So INVOLVE YOUR SELF! Answer the question! If people like this enough I will also feature* a commenter’s answer on the next blog post! Are you stoked? I’m stoked

Okay, Love ya, Bye-Bye

p.s. I’m going to be on the Minnesota channel four WCCO news for my birthday tomorrow morning at around 6:30, so If you want, go and check that out. I will also give those who request it a link to it once it is posted on their website.


*This blog does not actually have enough viewers for this feature to bring you blog fame