Yesterday was my first day in making a blog for quite a few days. I was a little out of whack, and excited to be back to it. Within that excitement I forgot about the question of the day! :O I’m glad that it has come to something that it is left out all my comments point it out! I love you readers! I also decided that when I leave it out, you, my readers, get to decide a punishment for me. Since this is a written blog it should be along the lines of something I have to write about, but I suppose I could post a picture if you wanted me to draw a eye liner mustache on my face. I also should specify that it’s just days on I post a blog, not everyday. So, LEAVE YOUR PUNISHMENTS IN THE COMMENT! I will draw one out of a hat sometime after 5 central time on Sunday.

The comment answer from my last question of the day (What is your favorite 90’s-early 2000’s cartoon?) is Nora. All 4 of the shows she mentioned I have fond memories with (Rugrats, AH! Real Monsters, Wild Thornberrys, Hey! Arnold!) I love how she went into such detail with Arnold’s hat. Does anybody remember the episode where Helga got laughing gas at a dentist appointment then called Arnold and confessed her love, then sneaking into his house to get the tape?

Today’s question of the day is, “What country has your favorite food style?” Wow that was really weird to word. Mine is China/Thai. I just love the soy sauce taste. I am eating white rice with soy sauce right now for that matter.

-The road to success is always under construction!

p.s. Don’t forget to put a punishment and answer the question in your comment!