The first punishment. Here is a picture I took of the drawing:
first punishment
You won’t believe how relieved I was, seeing the only other one was running around outside with under wear on my head, and my neighbors are all outside. So now I get to write about M.

Marissa and me met through Nora. I found Nora on youtube, and we became friends, then I saw she would hang around with this crazy girl, and I thought she was pretty cool, so I added her on facebook, and then the worlded exploded with awesomeness.

Marissa is Miss. Tuesday on thesexymacaroni. Her videos are all pretty humorous, and so are the rest of the sexy elbow noodles, so go subscribe now.

Marissa is a computer genious. She is the one who taught me how to zip and unzip files. She also helped me get back all of the music I lost on itunes.

Marissa loves this band called Owl City. She loves all music. Well she loves everything, other than feet. I wonder if I drew a snake on my foot if she would love my foot. Marissa, can you give us your input on that? k, thanks!

Marissa is in this wonderful thing called nerdfighterlike with this boy she met on the ning. His name is Zach. He has a yahoo, and that is just about all I know about him other than he has black curly hair. This blog is not about this Zach character, but about Marissa.

Marissa and I have these epic late night msn convos. Half the time her side of the conversation is in captital letters, and is plainly awesome. We talk about everything from her parents, to her love of creatures, to wrock, to vegetarianism, and everything beyond and between those. We also talk about Degrassi: The Next Generation alot. Those conversations are very entertaining on my side because I useally know what is going to happen, and she doesn’t, and she freaks out. Then I get confused because her reaction is histerical and yet I’m like OH NO THIS HORRIBLE THING JUST HAPPENED ON DEGRASSI! If you get what I’m saying.

What else can I say about this nerdfighter? Her last name is BEEEEEP, and her address is BEEEEP. Now go stalk her ;).

I will now end this post with a picture of the previously mentioned dawg.
Yes that is how she always looks. Her style is very simular to the robbers in the movies, or she is goth, I’m not sure which.

-Marissa’s road to success is always under construction

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It is: What is your favorite creature?
Mine is my cat Grissom at the moment, seeing he is tired and sleepy and cute!
The featured commenter from before is Marissa of course, since this post is about her! (her favorite food was Italian)