Today I babysat my two neighbor kids for the first time. It’s the first time I’ve watched a girl under the age of 10. I love little girls! (not in that way, I’m no lesbian pedo) The first hour not a word was said since they had both just woken up from a nap and they where both very shy. Then we ate and went outside and they warmed up to me.

I can’t wait to grow up and to have my first baby girl. To carry her around on my hip and brush her long hair out of her face. To hear the words “I love you Mommy!” Yes I know it is possible that I could only have boys even after trying 4 times, which is a depressing fact. Not saying I don’t love boys! (I’M NOT A STRAIGHT PEDO EITHER FOOLS!) But girls and boys are different, you have to admit it. I’m used to babysitting boys seeing I have babysat 2 boys weekly at the least for the last 3 years. I would love to have some boys, but I want at least one girl. I want a girl with thin blonde hair. I guess that means I’m adopting or being picky when it comes to picking there dad, seeing I have thick brunette hair.

 I would love to be a stay at home mom. At least until my last child is 4. I also want to be in the working field. My dream job at the moment is a Political Science college Professor. I couldn’t imagine leaving that from the birth of my first child until my last child turns 4. I also want to give my children at least 1 year to be a baby and be the baby, and then the nine months of pregnancy. Right now I am really stuck on wanting 4 children. I’ve never really chosen a certain number. I’ve just always known I want more than 1 and less then 7. If I had 4 children I would want 3 boys and 1 girl. The girl last. She’d be my last hope at a girl since I’d promise my husband only 4 children. When I go in for the ultra sound I don’t ask about the gender, I don’t want to be disappointed. I go into labor and it’s a girl. I’m crying and holding her blood filled body and listening to her beautiful cry. I name her Adela Beatrice. Her 3 older brothers love her and would do anything to protect her. When she goes to school on her first day of kindergarten and some 1st grade decides to pick on her, her brothers scare him off and help her to her classroom.

Wow, that really had no plan there. I just was thinking about my future and it turned into a little story. Now don’t take me wrong, I would be fine if I had 7 boys and only 3 months of maternity leave for each one. I’d also be perfectly happy with 1 girl. I’m not picky, but if I could choose my fate, that would be it.

 -The road to success is always under construction

What is your dream number of kids/order/gender?
p.p.s. Adela Beatrice is what I named my egg baby in 8th grade. I’m still in love with the name.