Okay first thing’s first. I want to clear up something that I don’t think was clear on yesterday’s post. I enjoy comparing the book to the movie. How about I explain my process, with an example, Twilight. I’m only picking this one because it is the most explainable one for me. When I see the movie the first time (especially when it’s at the theater) I have no expectations what so ever. That way I can enjoy the movie, for the movie. Then I watch the movie again with the intents to pick it apart, to see why they did what they did, and how they changed it, what scenes where added/deleted, and things like that. Now I did not do that with the first two Harry Potter movies after reading them, since I own both of those movies and have already seen them as the movie, separate for the book. Once it gets to the fourth movie, which I have not seen, then I will use my 2 view process. I suggest if you are watching a movie based off a book that you really enjoy, don’t try and tear it apart the first time you see it. It will ruin the viewing experience for you, and you will always see the movie as a bad rip off of the book. My mom was telling me about a class she took in college. It was from book to movie. They would read the book, then watch the movie in class, and would have to pull the movie apart and analyze it. The only one she remembers doing is To Kill A Mocking Bird.

I would like to move to the topic of school required reading. I’m sure we all have had the required amount of time to read in early elementary school. Which I think is great. In 6th grade we had two required readings. The first time we had to pick something within our lexile range (determined by the MAP test.) I picked Animal Farm, which is a very deep book. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and suggest it to anyone who is interested in politics and animals, and pigs who take over. Also keep in mind if you read it, that it is required reading for a large amount of college classes, so if you are against re-reading books, you may want to wait. The second required reading was an assigned book. Now she didn’t make us all read one book, but had about 8 different books and assigned them to different leveled kids. I had received The Diary of Anne Frank. Now when receiving this, I was very happy. I had always enjoyed Anne Frank, and had not had a chance to read her diary yet. Now keep in mind that book is quite thick, with small writing. Now another book she gave out to lower leveled kids, had 80 pages in it. These where not the dyslexic, or learning handicapped ones in the class, just people who had a lower lexile range. Now we had to read these books in the same amount of time the other students had to read theirs. Now this class is the only time I have ever received detention, because I would fall to far behind. I do not think that this was a very fair assignment.

Now to fast forward to eighth grade. I really enjoyed this year in English. The fall musical/spring play director teaches it, and he is one of my favorite adult people. I also must mention that I was in the accelerated course, and these books where not expected to be read by the majority of my grade. I really enjoyed both of these books, and would periodically spend time out of class to read ahead. For those of you curious in what books these where, they where; And Then There Where None, and The Adventures of Charlotte Doyle. We also read The Merchant of Venice.

One more fast forward to ninth grade. The books that where required reading where; Romeo and Juliet, The Christmas Carol, and The Miracle Worker. Overall I enjoyed Romeo and Juliet and The Miracle Worker, but I did not enjoy The Christmas Carol. I had a very hard time following Dicken’s writing style. It was to descriptive for me, and just felt to drawn out.

Commenter of the day:
Which a difference she noticed from book to movie was: In the 1st book, they left out the MIDNIGHT DUEL. Which was practical, of course, as it wasn’t a real significant part but I always remembered that. They also left out Dudley’s friend Piers, but again, he isn’t beneficial to the story. For the most part, I trust the movies, you know?

Question of the day:
What have you had as required reading that you have enjoyed?

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