I’m coming out. No, not as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or as a witch, well actually yes, as a witch, but not the Wicca kind. I’ve always pronounced myself as a Ravenclaw. It does fit me, but since I’ve been reading the books, and looking more into the different houses I realized. I am more of a Hufflepuff then a Ravenclaw. When I originally found this out I denied it. This was when I was in the first book, and thought of Hufflepuffs as the rejects. Now that I am getting into the 2nd half of the 4th book I have realized that the sorting hat would of chosen me as a Hufflepuff. Sorry M and Liz, but I’m leaving your house and joining Michelle. I mean, it’s not YOUR house, like you own it, but the house you take residence in, in the world of Harry Potter. Can we at least still talk in the entry hall?

Sorry for such a short post, but I’m just having trouble blogging. Several times I have considered just quitting. I don’t find the same joy in it as I used too. That long break was a mistake. I’m not going to delete this little blog here, but will probably post less, hopefully I can aim for once a week.

Commenter of the day:
Cocoa, who is a night owl like me (:

Question of the day:
Can’t you guess?
(what house are you in?)

Sorry I know it’s a boring question, and I know most of your answers, but it is what fit’s the post best

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