Today, as most of you know, was my first day of school. I wanted to record it in someway, some how, and decided that this blog would be a good way. Seeing I’m lazy, I’m going to do this in a semi-list sort of way, by period!

-Before School: Pep-fest
Pep-band played for the pep-fest. It went pretty good, and was a good way to start out the day with my band buddies!

-First Period: Spanish I
When I first walked into this classroom, it looked like the special ed classrooms where there aren’t any desks, and just tables in circles. I was being kind of stupid, after seeing my friend Jessica in there, which I know she has Spanish first period with me, asked if it was Spanish I, and it was. I sat with a group I don’t normally sit with. Let’s just say every girl at the table was wearing pink, if you catch my drift. Sadly, I was also being a stereotypical girl, and was wearing pink. There was one boy sitting there, who…. Isn’t gay or feminine, but fit in with the girls pretty well. It was kind of nice to be with a different group. After sitting down I did notice one of my theater friends sitting at another table, but after being welcomed to the table I was at, I didn’t want to just get up and leave. I would like to note that Jessica, for those of you who don’t know, isn’t in my tighter group of friends, we talk more on msn, and just in classes we have together, just so you don’t think, “if she is sitting my her friend then how is she sitting with another group?” Got that clear? Good!

-Second Period: Am. History
This teacher wasn’t as fun as I thought he would be, but we did learn more than the classes who has the other teacher, so that’s good! He likes to bring everything local. We just reviewed some things we learned back in 8th grade, but he told us about what was happening in our town and county, which was all stuff I didn’t know, and upon getting home and telling my mom, she didn’t even know about. There was a fort sheltering everyone who lived in our town where a Burger King now stands!! Isn’t that an interesting fact? Okay for those of you who don’t like Social, then ignore that sentence.

-Third Period: Honors Advanced Algebra
Nothing really exciting happened this hour. My teacher looks similar to Audrey Hepburn (the brunette in Baby Mama.) We went over the syllabus, and got started right away, which is what math is a large amount of the time.

-R.A.P.: Basically homeroom
This isn’t something we have daily, just about every other month to get papers, and sign up for homecoming activities. We got our planners, and other non-interesting forms. Last year I had the 9th grade civics teacher, who retired so we got a new R.A.P. advisor who is Mr. Hoof, a keyboarding teacher. If you’re wondering R.A.P. stands for; Reaching All Panthers, and we just pronounce it rap. Hint hint, our team mascot is the panthers, clever, huh?

-Lunch: That thing where you eat
I was pleased to find that there was a decent about of theater geeks in my lunch period so I could chill with them. My Cucumber Under Wraps was very good, thank you very much!

-Fourth Period: Biology
OUR BOOKS ARE AWESOME! They are HUGE and don’t fit in the elastic book covers. (along with my math and English books, GREAT.) The huge part is not the cool part though, The cover is filled up with a huge picture of a PARROT! One of those tropical rainbow ones! The feathers are all fluffed up, and it’s a view from the back, and it has it’s head turned toward you, and it’s just AMAZING! We watched a boring video on science lab safety that we watched in 7th and 9th grade, and took a test on it, that we also took in 7th and 9th grade.

-Fifth Period: English
I’ve known this teacher since I was in Kindergarten. I also had her for study hall last year. I walk in and she says, “Finally I have you for a class!” Which was a nice welcome compared to everyone else’s polite nods. She cut her hair over the summer and I have to admit she looks quite a bit like Professor Trelawney from the Harry Potter series. The girl who sat next to me (we had a seating chart) was talking into thin air, at first I thought she was doing the classic, talk to a friend who is across the room just like she would be talking to the person sitting right next to her. (HAHAH I just sent a the link I linked too up there ^^^ to Jessica and she thought it actually was the English teacher! Oh now, she thought I said it WAS here, and says it doesn‘t look like her. What a sour puss. JUST KIDDING JESS!) Back to the girl who sits next to me. I later find out she is indeed talking to me. By the time I realize this, she says “Doesn’t her hair look funny?” Which I just remain acting like she isn’t talking to me, since while it did look frizzy, I liked this teacher, and wasn’t about to diss her. Our first assignment was a one page paper about us, she gave us some ideas, and then just kind of let us do what we wanted. Want to know my first to words of the paper? “I’m a blogger.” Then I tied everything in the paper back to that. I also said two of my best friends I met on the internet (referring to Nora and Marissa) and I think she might think I’m some crazy obsessed x-box live fanatic now, since that is what most people think with “internet friends.”

Okay, I just hit 1,000 words. I need to get ready for bed. I will write about my last 2 classes and musical later. Maybe even elaborate more on my other classes. I hope you enjoyed this long-ass post from me!

-The Road to Success is Always Under Construction