Okay, I failed. I didn’t do what I said I would. I need to stop making unfulfilled promises. I just forgot about it on Monday and Tuesday I was just like, “well I didn’t do it monday….” Which is unexceptable! Not that I’m planning to go through it any of what I said now, but atleast I acknolledged my neglegance? (spelling FAIL)

Tomarrow is Nerd day at my school. Any ideas? I’m wearing a tie, my glasses, and a harry potter lightening bolt. Maybe do my hair crazy, but what else? Convers rip offs are a given! I don’t have any nerdfighter shirts, or overly nerdy shirts. I’m thinking about carrying around a harry potter book. Maybe I’ll put some tape on my glasses? No poof, seeing no one would get it at my school, but maybe I’ll just go frizzy. Do you guys have any suggestions? Please and thank you!