In English we had to write a parody of a Children’s story. We did it in small groups, but my group slacked on me and I basicly did it all. We parodied “Are You my Mother?” and changed it too “Are You my Father?”

In the New York City orphanage, there was a little boy named Tommy. Tommy had never met his father and his mother brought him to the orphanage when he was only one, three long years ago. He longed to meet his father. One gruesomely long day at the orphanage, when the rest of the kids were taking a nap, Tommy snuck out to find his father. He pictured his father as an adventurous man, so Tommy headed to the most exciting place he knew of, Central Park.
Once in the park Tommy decided to asking men if they were his father. He then saw a man in a striped shirt selling brightly colored balloons.
“Are you my father?” marveled Tommy.
“No, not I for I am a balloon man. I do not have any kids, we don’t need another balloon boy, now do we?
“No I guess not,” chuckled Tommy.
“I’m sorry I could not help you. Would you like a balloon to bring with you on your search?”
“No thank you,” said Tommy, and he kept on his journey to find his father.
Tommy was walking past the play ground when he saw a man curled up inside of a slide. He shook the man’s shoulder and asked the man, “Are you my father?”
The man woke up, startled, and replied, “No, I am not, for I am a homeless man that lives in the slide. I do not have a child, for I do not have a place to shelter one. Would you like to ride down the slide to cheer you up before you venture on?” Tommy declined and continued looking for his father.
Tommy was getting agitated. Finding his father wasn’t as easy of a task as he thought it would be. He walked by a business man eating a bag lunch and typing on a black laptop. Tommy went up to the man and asked, “Are you my father?”
“No not I for I am a business man on my lunch break. My kids are with their nanny,” The man continued, “but you can have some of my sandwich if you would like.”
“No thanks, you can enjoy the rest of your lunch, for I’m going to find my father and he will buy me a sandwich of my own.” Tommy assured the man, and went back on his search for his father.
After walking along a little longer Tommy saw a beautiful flower garden. “Maybe my father likes flowers.” So he ventured over to the garden.
Once at the garden Tommy laid his eyes on a man in a green uniform. “are you my father?”
“No not I,” confessed the gardener, “for I am park gardener, and I take care of the landscaping in the park, not little boys.”
“You’re flowers are beautiful, I hope my father has a beautiful garden like you.”
“Thank you, would you like a flower to bring with you on your journey?” asked the gardener.
“No, I’ll just get one from my father when I find him,” and Tommy continued on his journey to find his father. After walking for a short time a nice looking man approached Tommy.
“Are you my father?” Questioned Tommy.
“No, I’m not your father, but if you come with me to my van I can help you find him.”
“No thanks, I can find him on my own.” stated Tommy, but the man grabbed his arm, Tommy tried to brush the man’s arm off to no avail. “What are you doing? I need to find my father,” yelled Tommy.
“Why don’t you come get some candy with me if you don’t want me to help finding him?”
Tommy yelled at the top of his lungs, “Stranger Danger!” for he had learned about kidnappers before. The balloon man, the homeless man, the business man, and the park gardener all looked up at and started yelling at the man. Tommy tugged his arm away and ran away from the stranger.
He ran and ran, until he found himself in front of the orphanage. He then saw a mysterious man walking up the stairs, and into the building. Tommy ran up the stairs and opened the door. No one was in the hallway. He snuck back into the boy’s bed room and laid back down on his bed to wait for the rest of the boys to awake. Just a few minutes passed when Miss Claudia walked into the room and called for him to come into the hallway.
“What did I do?” whined Tommy, hoping she had not seen him returning from his failed journey.
“Why do you assume you did something? Well never mind, someone is here for you. I want you to go back and get your stuff and put it all in this suitcase.” Miss Claudia handed him a brand new plastic suitcase, and he went back in the room and gathered his few belongings he had gathered through the years.
Once he got everything folded neatly into the suitcase, he came back out to find Miss Claudia talking to a middle aged man. “I got my things Miss Claudia.”
“Thanks Tommy, this is Scott, he is here since he wants a nice little boy to be his son. I told him that you were very well behaved and longed for a father.” Explained Miss Claudia, “He wanted to see you right away. If you will agree to it, we can have him sign the papers and have you at his house in just a few hours.
Tommy looked at Scott, while he kneeled down. “I have a big garden with beautiful flowers and a swing set with a slide for you to play on whenever you want,” Scott cited.
“Can you make me a sandwiches for lunch?” asked Tommy
“Everyday if you want.”
Tommy looked at Miss Claudia, and said, “Will he be my father forever?”
Miss Claudia replied, “If you’re willing to be his son forever.”
“Of course!” Chided Tommy while grabbing Scott’s hand. “I can call you father, right?”
“Yes, you can call me father, dad, or Scott, what ever you feel comfortable with.” Scott counseled.
Miss Claudia brought the new father-son pair and Scott signed the adoption papers. All Tommy could do is smile. No long would he have to ask any one, “Are you my father?” because he now knew exactly who his father was.

I hope you liked it. I’m posting this from Aerobics while I”m supposed to be writing my finals paper. Oh well!