Okay, I’m just going to disclose that I’m writing this to purely rant and vent. I really don’t have a person I can just talk to and vent this too, other than my mom, but I’d just feel like I’m preaching to the choir. I do have Marissa, Nora, Michelle and them, who I’m sure wouldn’t mind having me vent to, but I would feel bad to just dump this all on them, so what do I do? I turn to my rarely used blog, for reasons I don’t even fully understand.

So with inflation, and the economy, everyone is struggling to make ends meet, don’t take that as I think I’m the only one struggling, but when it happens to you, it’s just so more real, no matter how selfish that is.

My family (my mom and me) gets insurance through my mom’s work. We have gotten 1,150 dollars since I was in fourth grade to use for everything, doctor appointments, physical therapy, lab tests, x-rays, medicine, ER visits, you know, everything medical affiliated it. At first that was enough, but with inflation the last 2 years we have been coming dead even with it. If we go over then we pay the rest out of pocket until we get to 5,000 dollars.

Now we have come to our max this year, so we are putting off my sinus problems until next year, when our balance refreshes. Now this week we got a notice, saying that our insurance is being cut to 750 dollars. That’s about 2/3. That is 4 doctor appointments worth, for 2 people. If we went to the ER we would have to pay 50 dollars out of pocket, not including X-rays, or any other tests.

With my sinuses we need to get a CAT scan before we can now how to proceed with treatments, if it be medication or surgery. We haven’t been able to find out how much that will cost, but if our insurance can’t cover 1 visit to the ER, how is it going to cover a CAT scan AND treatment?

I have been having sinus head aches regularly since fifth grade, from October until April, each year. I have been on countless medications, been to 2 special lists, and about 4 family practitioners. I just finished with 14 days of Antibiotics, the 2nd time I’ve been on antibiotics since October. The doctors don’t even know they work, since we can’t afford a CAT scan to see if they do. So far they work while I’m taking them, but once they run out, I start up with problems again.

We’ll get through this. We’ve decided we’re doing whatever is needed to get my sinuses to full health, or at least so I don’t have a constant head ache for 7 months of the year. But it will come at a cost, which is something I don’t think is right. A 16 year old should not be worried about medical bills, or is this just a world we have come to live in? Just GAH! I guess I should be grateful that it’s just sinuses, not cancer, or something that can’t be put off, but it’s hard to when you’re getting constant sinus infections.

Okay rant over. Sorry to put that all on your shoulders, after leaving you for so long.

-The road to success is always under construction.

p.s. I’m not meaning for this to be a political thing, I’m just sick of being…. well sick.