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I’m currently sitting in the bathroom, bath robe on, hair wet and untamed, and with the sound of the water draining out of the tub. I just got a burst of energy to write a blog post, so I decided to do it.

As most of you know, I strongly dislike my class in school. Now it’s way better then last year. My class isn’t any better, but I’ve learned how to shake them off and not take it to heart. But, when you’re sitting in classes with them for 8 hours a day, you need a little pick me up here and there to remind you that they aren’t all that there is in this world. I think I will go passionateforword’s Marissa style, and make a list of my pick me ups!

1. lunch I have lunch with my Junior friends. They’re all in theater, and always have me walking away from lunch smiling. Within that half hour we have had so many inside jokes you wouldn’t even know.

2. Mr. De Witt is my band director. He’s such a happy-go-lucky guy. He has red hair, and always has it gelled. After one particularly depressing day in Math, I walked by him in the hallway, he didn’t look at me, we didn’t make any greetings toward each other, but just seeing him walk by smiling, reminded me that not everyone feels the need to make school a negative atmosphere. He makes my 6th period amazing. Some days he has us not play and sits there and reads to us from his collection of random books. (One being called, “the world’s weirdest jobs.”)

3. music I like to walk around with my mp3 player as much as possible. My school does have music play over the intercom between classes, but it’s not the same as having ear buds in your ears and singing along to “My Wena” and knowing that you are in a way, hearing your own little world.

4. after school activities whether it be One Act, Musical, Speech, Pep band, or even the after school study program, I’m always with people that I choose to be with, and ones that are positive in my life. I mean, yesterday while waiting for pep band me and 2 other girls randomly decided to make a subway run. So off to subway we went, and got back just in time for pep band. It was amazing, and random, and fun. Plus today I had to stay after school to work on an English project. I’m doing it with one of my newest closest friends, Jessica, and another girl, we sat there and worked, and helped each other, and talked with my one act director, and it was just nice.

/list over.

So that’s my random, long awaited blog post. I think I’m going to put some pajamas on, brush my hair, and then just stay up late since we have a two hour late start tomorrow for teacher workshops.

See you next time!!


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