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Wow. It doesn’t seem like it’s been, what 6 days since I last blogged! I have no excuses for not blogging on Wed. or Thursday. Friday I was babysitting and this weekend i went on a very interesting last minute camping trip. Now It’s Monday and I’m glad to be blogging again.

Someone’s blog I read did a post on lyrics. She asked “what are your favorite lyrics?” One of her favorite’s where from a tv show. Strange Days of Blake Howsly High, to be exact. Thinking about mine, mine are also from a tv show, Degrassi The Next Generation. I’ve been watching this show quite alot lately, thanks to no school and this like giant June Degrassi marathon. I used to watch it back when it just came out, When Emma, JT, Liberty were in 7th grade and Spinner, Ashley, Paige were in 8th. Now Spinner and them are graduated. Okay now onto the lyrics part of it. I don’t know all of the lyrics too the theme song, but the most repeated part is “We’re going to make it through” [note this is the original theme song, not the new lame one that has like no words] To me, this is such a true lyric/quote. High School isn’t easy. Expecially if you compare it to how they tell you about it in the ackward 9th grade orientation by the National Honor Society. I remember being told their over and over, “these will be the best years of your life,” “The four years will go by so fast,” and “the friends you meet here will be your friends for the rest of your life.” So far, none of these are true for me. My 9th grade year was the 2nd worst year in my life, after 8th grade. The last month in 9th grade, was the worst month in my life. The year did go by faster then previous years, so I guess that is kind of true. In my school I don’t even really have a best friend. I have a group I’m close to and hang out with, but I’m yet to have a sleepover, or a more than 2 minute phone call with any of them. I also can’t stand my grade, as I’ve mentioned before, so don’t worry I won’t go on about that. But the group I’m close with, is a year above me, so hopefully some awesome new nerd kids come to my grade before Senior year! “The friends you meet here will be your friends for the rest of your life,” Looking at adults in my life, this isn’t true for any of them. My grandma, all her friends are from work, red hatters, or college. My mom doesn’t have much of a social life, just some work friends. I have a ton of more examples, but I don’t want to go on about that. OKAY I just kind of noticed I got REALLY off topic. Back to the lyric “we’re going to make it through” As I’ve said several times so far, High School is long, not fun, and just hard, but you know what? We’re going to make it through, one way or another.

Now that I’m on the quote/lyric page I want to talk about my motto for this blog. “Under Construction.” The road to success is alway under construction. This is true in two ways. 1.) If you grew up in the 60’s  your path to success might be to pass High School, and if you wanted a job with a degree you got a 2-4 year degree. You knew for some reason you wheren’t supposed to do drugs, but it was never made clear, so you did them, not really knowing how bad they where. If you grow up now the path to success is about getting good grades, being ready to compete in a global market, trying to take advance classes so you can take college classes your junior and senior year to get into the real world sooner, saving for college, being in plenty of extra curriculars to get into a good college. I’m not saying that no one worried about some of these things in the 60s, but it was different, even if I am really bad at making examples. 2.) YOUR path to success is always under construction. Maybe you entered High School on the B honor roll. you had trouble with some teachers and ended up flunking half your classes, and now your path to success is to pass summer school and keep a D average through the rest of high school, and not drop out. Maybe you entered High School at a D average, trying to just get through, ended on B honor roll and planning a career as a Intererior designer. [input your path to success and how it has changed in comments]

My path to success, and how has it changed: I started out in 5th grade really being into politics. I decided I wanted to be a lawyer since that is a good job to have before you run for state office. I believed that’s what I wanted until 9th grade. At our school we have a class called Focus. It is required for all 9th grade students. In this class we learn life skills and how to find careers and plan our high school classes for certain careers. We also had a big project where we had to research all the jobs we are interested in. Of course, I researched Lawyer. I found that wasn’t a career for me. I found that a career in Radioligy was more my forte. We also had to shadow someone in the field we were interested in. I still would like to be legislator or Senator, since politics is somthing that really interests me, but I might just start out a little different.

What are you really interested in? Are you a left wing or a right wing? are you democratic or republic? What are your views on Abortion? Creation or evolution? Gay marriage? All that stuff interests me so much. I have my opinions, which for all of that stuff is very left wing, and for those of you who don’t know that:
I’m Democratic.
I’m pro-choice.
I believe in evolution.
I support same sex marriage.

I love hearing other people’s opinions on political issues. I love having arguments over those things. I’m very open minded. I really doubt you’ll be able to change my mind on any of the above issues, but I’m always ready to listen to why someone thinks the opposite of what I am for is more correct.

I have been convinced that biblical creation should be taught in any class where evolution is taught, but then students should not be allowed to get notes out of class for one or the other. I am a total believer in evolution, but I know it isn’t proven, so we should be taught the other side of it. The hard part about teaching it would be you’d probly have to do a whole unit on it and what different parts of the world, and different religion beliefs. I wish it was taught, since I’d like to learn more about it, call me crazy.

This is one of the reasons I really liked Obama’s platform. He is open to listen to the other side. Now he doesn’t talk about creation and evolution, but when creating laws he listens to the other sides opinion. He even has Republicans in his cabnet! I find that so amazing! I think of myself as alot like Obama. Just how we are both so open to listening to the other side.

Okay, this blog post has gone from tv show lyrics, to under construction, to paths to success, to beliefs, to Obama! Wow, no wonder this is such a word pwn of  1314 words!

-Under Construction

Heyaaa!!! I’m sitting here, waiting for my rice to finish cooking, and decided to check my stats. Yesterday was my busiest day, with 39 views. What was so special about yesterday’s blog? Why don’t you 39 people tell me 🙂

So today I get to go to fireworks! Well tonight. Its for a big festival type thing my town does the 2nd weekend every June. I’m also babysitting tonight, so it will be nice to get out of the house for the first time since Tuesday.

Today I got my report card in the mail. I’m a little confused about it. I expected to have a blank on my science exam and video productions, but I only have 2 exam grades on there. So I am left not knowing my Civics and English exam grades. They didn’t effect my grades, so I guess thats good, but I’m a little disapointed.  I got a C (if you care) on my Honors Geometry exam, so that kept my grade stationary at a C in that class. I’m pretty happy with that. Don’t get me wrong, in any other class I would throw a FIT if I got a C, but I, as I have stated before, really struggled with this teacher and curriculm. I love how he put positive attitude on the comments section. REALLY? REALLY? I never pay attention in class, and you called me imature in my notebook! I think he knows parents don’t like him so its probly his way of kissing up!

Okay enough rambling on about my math teacher. School seams even more over now that the report card is home! I guess I’ll go eat my rice now!

-Under Construction-
❤ Marina

I’m Cliche. Why, you may ask? I just titled my blog with song lyrics. But I love this song (You Belong With me By Taylor Swift). So guess what! EWWW No, get your mind out of the randy gutter! OKAY NO! Not that, one more guess? UGH! Okay do you want me to just tell you? Well guess what, I kind of forgot already, no lies. Okay lies, since I wrote THERE IS A POINT TO THIS BLOG BUT I DON”T REMEMBER IT! but then I started doing the GUESS WHAT to take up space before that whole “there is a point to this blog but I don’t remember it” thing. OKAY! TO THE POINT!

So as many, most, or all of you know; I’m in band, and I play flute. I’m also in ninth grade, which means I get/have to do highschool band things that are fun/boring. I enjoy being part of pep band since it is a small group of people who aren’t complaining about having to be there. Well on Monday, yes Memorial day, the day schools don’t have school. Well I get to show up at school a WHOLE 10 MINUTES late! WOO! No not really since i’d rather being sleeping at that time. Oh and not to mention I get to bike the mile plus there. So yes I get have to be at school at 8:15AM to go on a hot sweaty bus to go to a town 7 miles away to play for 10 minutes before their memorial service, after that back on the sweaty bus. Once we get back to school we will have some time to venture down to a local gas station and get donuts and such, which is great! Right? Not if your an underclassmen without a drivers license or a car. If i’m lucky I might be able to fetch a ride with Logan or Jon (yes I know these names are pointless to you but BOO HOO [wow am i being bitchy or what?]) So then around 10 we play for the memorial service at our school for 10 minutes, then BACK ON THE BIG YELLOW BUS, to go to the elementary school that is a town over and takes about 10 minutes to get too. Once there we play through out the whole ceremony. Then FINALLY, they feed us! FOR FREE! Exiting, right? Not when it’s hotdogs and your a vegetarian.

Then on the 29th we’re playing at Graduation where we have to dress up and watch people to get pieces of paper tied up in ribbon. PLUS we don’t even get to play Pomp and Circumfrances. So both of those are required and I kind of wish it was just pep band cuz then that means less imature people will be there.

Next on June 14th PEP BAND!!!! Is playing in the parade for [My town’s name here] Days! I was genuinly exited for this, since we get to play the fight song, tequilla, land of a thousand dances, and louis lois! Until I remember I’m getting my wisdom teen removed just 5 days before this. So I ask Mr. De Witt how long you can’t play after having wisdom teeth removed, he said 14 days, which makes me sad :(. So I told him what was going on and asked if I could do cymbals or cow bell or SOMTHING since the parade plus homecoming = a letter to go on my letterman’s jacket! He said he’d have me carry the banner that says we’re the band. WOOHOO :(. Well I’ll get the points for lettering either way I guess I just won’t be able to play with the other fabulous flutists.

Okay I’m actually thinking that these will be fun (okay maybe not graduation…) but the rest will, but it seams like on the 2 I should geniunly be exited for there is some reason to put a damper on. I got to get dressed now since I’m babysitting in 20 minutes!

As always, Under Construction

HI BLOGGY! I’m glad I’m writing this now and not an hour and a half ago. I have a draft of todays blog. it was depressing. Lets say I had a notsome day with lots of imature people, freshman and teachers alike. But i’m not notsome now so, BLOG STOP BRINGING ME BACK TO THAT MOOD! So today I’ve been mood swinging alot. Okay since I got home I have been. So I thought i would take a chance to write a list (more of a list and explanation of each item on the list) of everything that makes me happy and or smile!

  • My online friends: Nora and Marissa you two are my best online friends ever! Okay i’ve only had 2 before you that lasted more than like an hour but STILL! You both know how to make me smile. marissa and your optimism! Nora and your awesome ideas! I’m so exited for our book exchange! I’m exited for both of your letters! You both can expect a little somthing that isn’t just the letter (book for Nora) in your mail boxes around the middle to end of next week!
  • Lunch Period: My Sophmore friends are amazing! I went to lunch today all notsome and barely talking. How did I leave lunch you might ask. I left it smiling and laughing to myself!
  • Video Productions: Useally this would make me feel notsome. But now I’m editing a video with my bestie in it and she just got so into her role that its hillarious. It was intended to be a drama, but she, she with her marvolous acting skills turned it into more of a comedy. I always have people peeking over my shoulder seeing what the grunting and evil laughing is!
  • Visiting old friends/family: does this need explanation

okay i’m getting distracted now by planning for this weekend! I hope You enjoyed


Heya! I’m in video productions, so i get to feel special and write a blog post! The main reason for this is to post this picture:


i finished my daily work, and don't have footage to edit, I was bored, kill me

i finished my daily work, and don't have footage to edit, I was bored, kill me

Yeah its quadruple peace! Wickedly sweet! I could actually make a video and post it on here. but i’m not going to do that. I know, this post is lame, and mostly for my entertainment. HAHA I just noticed there are ppl high fiveing behind me. Since it is a double high five is it now a ten five? the things I wonder! I worry myself a little. So there is spell check on here and its bugging me. I don’t have it on my regular computer. So if you didn’t figure it out I’m on a mac (hence the photoshop). Thanks to this class I now want a mac! but i’m not getting one. I’d rather save up for a car!

So next weekend I get out of this class, and civics to go to…. DULUTH! YAY! haha. I get to see my sister, my neice, and some of my mom’s old friends. I’m SOOO exited you wouldn’t believe it! The girl who sits across from me isn’t wearing her glasses and looks really tired. She looks awesome though. She has awesome eye makeup and clothing style and jewelry and acts happy like all the time. She loves to play games on (okay just cookin mama hates animals). I love how the teacher doesn’t care that I’m doing this! but then again the boy sitting next to me is playing a game, and ultimtly failing at it. So yeah. I’m going to go now and whoop him in it! Haha.


Good Evening!

I don’t know what to write. I’m going to do a “random write” (start with a work and then you write a word that connects to it then a word that connects to that, until you have an idea of what to write) to get my juices flowing:

dog cat Grissom CSI tv shows american idol singing musical broadway New York Travel airplane airport brotherhood 2.0 wrock ALL CAPS music band flute Mr. Dewitt teachers.

Okay I got it! I will write about Teachers.

So as most of you know I’m in 9th grade. First period I have Band. That is my favorite period because it is where my favorite teacher is. His name is Mr. Dewitt. He is so fun to talk too and he always has a smile on his face. Just the other day he was running around helping everyone who needed it and randomly started saying “I swear I’m NOT ON CRACK, I’m not on crack, I’m not on crack.” It was hillarious. Today we had Little band, which is when its all the people who aren’t in Choir and are in band are there, it ends up being about 15 people. So he comes in and me and my friend Sammy are talking to him. He says we aren’t playing today since he has to help with choir and he is feeling really good with our music for our concert. So we follow him in his office where he has a surplus of movies. He lets us go through them to find a movie for the band to watch. We picked the fox and the hound. He sets it up for us, of course the rest of the group groans at having to watch a disney movie but it goes fine. He then tells us to adjust the lights to our liking. Only about 4 people listen to him. He then says really loud, “MARINA WHY DON”T YOU GO ADJUST THE LIGHTS SINCE YOUR SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO THEM,” where I am the farthest from them. Then someone figures it out and turns them all off. He then turns off one last light where the switch is located in the front instead of the back, and leaves us. So we sit watch the movie and of course a large percent of people text. He doesn’t find us a sub since he knows the only available teacher is Mr. Smith who would be strict and not let us do anything, so we just sit in the band room alone.

My next favorite teacher would be Mrs. Freund. She was my 4th grade teacher. In 4th grade me and my friend where TOTAL teacher pets. But she was soooo nice and almost the whole class cried on the last day of school (okay almost all the GIRLS cried). Seeing she was my teacher 5 years ago I don’t have as much to say about her.

My last favorite teacher (switching to bad teachers after this) would be Mr. Hiltner. He was my 8th grade English teacher. He doesn’t always use conventional ways of teaching, which is very good. One of his most well known lessons is “Burt and the Box” and yes we’re talking about Burt from sesame street. He used it to demonstrate prepositions. “burt goes on the box, burt goes around the box, burt goes in the box, and the best burt goes THROUGH the box” If Burt can do it with the box then it most likely is a preposition. Mr. Hiltner is also a director for the fall musical, one act, and spring play. I am only in Fall Musical and Spring Play since one act is more competative than I prefer. Its so fun to get to talk to him after school. Don’t get me wrong, he gets pretty angry if we get too off track, but he is amazing.

OKAY Now we move to teachers I don’t like.

There really is only one teacher I don’t like. And for the sake of being careful we can call him Mr. Bob. So Mr. Bob is my math teacher this year. I am in Honors Geometery and the description of this compared to regular Geometry is that we will go threw the whole book and regular Geometry won’t. The thing is, regular Geometry is AHEAD of us. Mr. Bob gives us 60-90 problems of homework a night which is quite abit! He also doesn’t teach. He reads directly from the book and then if we ask a question he says “look it up in the book.” The 2nd ranked student in our class about everyother day asks how to do a problem. He asks if anyone knows so he can get out of teaching, and when no one awnsers he attempts to do it. He never gets the awnser from the book. He never gets NEAR the awnser in the book, showing us his geometry skills. This teacher makes it hard to learn!

Okay, well I need to get ready for a cast party. I hope this counts as a quality blog post!

As always, Under Construction!

I’ve decided I can no longer write blog posts past 10 o’clock at night.  Yesterday’s blog tottally didn’t make sense. I even mixed up some idioms in it. I also went to bed thinking about  my blog. About how this one would play out, and how I was mad at myself. Here is what happened within 15 minutes of posting my blog:

1.Went on yoville and facebook to say goodnight to everyone

2. Went to the bathroom and tripped over the cat

3. Remembered Why I posted the blog and remembered that I forgot to write about what the whole point of posting was.

4. fell asleep

also looking back at my dreams 2 of them were related to blog posts i had read before typing mine.

Well now I remember what i was going to say on my other blog post and will write about it now:

So Yesterday I went shopping. We went to Target and for 1 dollar i found an ant farm. Me, being the nerd I am, bought it excited to get home and get some ants and watch them tunnel. The whole 15 min. of a ride home i spent reading the directions and setting up the farm so it was ant ready. Once home i helped my mom bring our bags in the house then outside I went, to find some ants of course. So the directions said you should have 5-10 ants. Ants may be dumb, but they are hard to catch. I spent 20 minutes trying to get some. They would not come onto the supplied stick and the black ones freaked out so bad that you couldn’t catch em. I decided that the red ants would do since they are calmer. After getting 4 red ants in there at one time, i lifted up the ant farm only to have them all run out :(. I then got a brilliant idea. I ran inside grabbed half a kiwi and ran back outside thinking i was oh so smart. I put the kiwi down and waited for 100 of ants to swarm, like on any other day would of happened and i’d be very mad. 2 ants checked it out then left. I left it alone and talked to my mom for about 10 minutes, hoping when I come back that it would be full of ants for me to choose from. Not a single ant. I then went back to my old method of catching red ants. I had 5 at a time once, but when i lifted it up to put the lid on they again ran out. I decided to stop for the night and to try again tomarrow (today). So i woke up not feeling so good, but still thinking well i can try and catch ants. But of course its raining cats and dogs :(. I guess I have to wait a little while.

So I feel pretty crappy at the moment and I have nothing to cheer me up till around 5 when I have speech awards. Hopefully my mom will venture to the store and buy me my medicine. Well i’m going to go and mope around some more. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Probly didn’t, cuz they’re all boring but atleast,

Its always “Under Construction”

We’ve all heard the quote “The only mistakes in life are the ones we don’t learn from” Well what if we didn’t learn from our mistakes?

Thats one of the things that bugs me, when people make the same mistakes over and over and over, and are yet to learn from them. There is this one kid in my school. He has gone through 5 groups of friends since 5th grade. Now that doesn’t sound that bad when you think about it. But that would be if some of those groups were from “natural” drifting. Well its not. He keeps making the same mistake with his friends over and over. He gets very clingy with the group, way to early into the friendship. Then when you try and push him away a little and catch a breath he just grabs on tighter. When he clings on to you, he is like a leech. He grabs onto you and tries to pull you up and down with him with all the bumps in his life. And since of course he can’t be with you 24/7 whenever he isn’t with the new “victums” he is out telling everyone he can that they are his best friends. This whole thing is so early in the friend ship that it freaks you out, and you end up telling him that you just want to be aquintences(sp?) but he then again he just grabs on tighter. You get so annoyed with this by now that you start getting cruel to get him off. He gets a little offened and will let go for alittle while, but he will be back. This cycle continues. Until you can’t stand it and you have to tottally bash him for him to understand that you don’t want to be friends.

Now this boy has done this with 4 groups of friends and is working on the 5th. Because of this cycle he has many enemys, and ends up getting hurt. If he would just learn from his mistakes, he might be able to avoid it.

okay rant over.


Happy April Fools Day! I’m not really into the pranks thing, but how could I make a vlog on here and NOT say happy April Fools?

So as you have probly read, i had Speech Sub-sections yesterday. First two rounds went okay, and third round i like paused in the middle of my speech. Weirdly I got the best score on my 3rd round. lol. But i’m going to SECTIONS! I’m so happy. I’m also very nervous. I’ve been practicing like crazy. We arn’t getting back till late and I’m bbsitting at 8Am. that will suck. then the Saterday after that is State Speech, and I want to go to that even if I don’t make it, since its at a college that has an AWESOME cafeteria. Haha, yes I want to go to state since there is an awesome cafeteria 😛 sue me. Okay, well its 8, and i still need to take a bath and practice my speech, and record myself doing my speech, and analyze it, ahahahahaha. fun night. Okay I’ll leave you at that.


So I just finished writing my Speech blog, but because of subsections I will not be able to post tomarrow, so i’m making up for it by typing this now and setting it to post for tomarrow.

The thing is, idk what to talk about. Well at the moment I have to sneeze. GAAAA. I don’t sneeze if I say I have to sneeze.

This blog seams really pointless, cuz all I really wanna do is talk about Speech and I already had a whole blog on that. Well I have to call or email the lady I babysit for and tell her I can’t bbsit for her on Friday. GREAT.

I feel like I am really waisting your time. I will go now! I love! YoU!


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