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I’m currently sitting in the bathroom, bath robe on, hair wet and untamed, and with the sound of the water draining out of the tub. I just got a burst of energy to write a blog post, so I decided to do it.

As most of you know, I strongly dislike my class in school. Now it’s way better then last year. My class isn’t any better, but I’ve learned how to shake them off and not take it to heart. But, when you’re sitting in classes with them for 8 hours a day, you need a little pick me up here and there to remind you that they aren’t all that there is in this world. I think I will go passionateforword’s Marissa style, and make a list of my pick me ups!

1. lunch I have lunch with my Junior friends. They’re all in theater, and always have me walking away from lunch smiling. Within that half hour we have had so many inside jokes you wouldn’t even know.

2. Mr. De Witt is my band director. He’s such a happy-go-lucky guy. He has red hair, and always has it gelled. After one particularly depressing day in Math, I walked by him in the hallway, he didn’t look at me, we didn’t make any greetings toward each other, but just seeing him walk by smiling, reminded me that not everyone feels the need to make school a negative atmosphere. He makes my 6th period amazing. Some days he has us not play and sits there and reads to us from his collection of random books. (One being called, “the world’s weirdest jobs.”)

3. music I like to walk around with my mp3 player as much as possible. My school does have music play over the intercom between classes, but it’s not the same as having ear buds in your ears and singing along to “My Wena” and knowing that you are in a way, hearing your own little world.

4. after school activities whether it be One Act, Musical, Speech, Pep band, or even the after school study program, I’m always with people that I choose to be with, and ones that are positive in my life. I mean, yesterday while waiting for pep band me and 2 other girls randomly decided to make a subway run. So off to subway we went, and got back just in time for pep band. It was amazing, and random, and fun. Plus today I had to stay after school to work on an English project. I’m doing it with one of my newest closest friends, Jessica, and another girl, we sat there and worked, and helped each other, and talked with my one act director, and it was just nice.

/list over.

So that’s my random, long awaited blog post. I think I’m going to put some pajamas on, brush my hair, and then just stay up late since we have a two hour late start tomorrow for teacher workshops.

See you next time!!

This last month I’ve been way more into music that I have been. I’ve always loved music, don’t get me wrong, but there is a difference between loving music, and enjoying it. Recently I’ve been listening, and ENJOYING it, picking apart the words and finding the meanings in it, feeling the base beat through my ear drums, and actually finding it hard to move away from it to do simple things like bathe, or eat. The last few months I’ve been listening to it more and more, starting to enjoy it more. Listening to old songs and for the first time, really hearing it, understanding the words for the practical sense, and not just the literal.

For example, in a Hillary Duff song that I still have memorized, I used to think the lyrics “flying across the floor” meant that you found a slippery floor, laid down on it, and slid like a penguin. Now 16 year old Marina understands it’s more the feeling of “flying” when you have a crush, and that person makes you feel like you can fly, not that you are literally flying. I’ve found I could do this for a lot of my favorite songs in Elementary School. (Well probably not “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas, I don’t think there is much more meaning behind that one other than boobs and butts.)

Today I went through and found my old CDs. (yes CDs, not mp3s stored on a flash drive XD [okay that wasn’t funny, I need to stop trying to be funny, gah.]) I’ve actually only uploaded two to my iTunes, Let Go from Avril Lavigne, and Metamorphoses by Hillary Duff. Thinking about it, I think I should upload Britney Spears cd “Oops I did It Again” too, but that’s beyond the point. I do have other old Cds, but those aren’t as deep, like the Lizzie Mcquire show soundtrack, and the movie soundtrack, and Rugrats in Paris isn’t very deep either. (Am I saying Britney Spears, Hillary Duff, and Avril are deep? Oh wow, I just mean there is a deeper meaning than what I saw when I first heard them.)

With this re-falling in love with Music thing, I’m consider getting a new mp3 player/ipod. If I did, it would be an iPod, since those just last longer, and I think I would get an iTouch, since then there is twitter, and facebook, and WORDPRESS, that I can use on my WiFi, oh and the games :). In the last week I’ve gone from 2.5 hours of music on iTunes to 10 hours. I still haven’t even got much Wiz Rock on there yet, since I haven’t finished the 7th book, and the cds I want have spoilers on some of the songs. (I’ve been really looking at The Butterbeer Experience’s album Accio Hot Guy lately.) So wouldn’t it only make sense for me to have a good way to bring my music with me here and there. I do have an mp3 player, but it’s old, and has been banged around a lot, and I can’t always get music on it. It works, but it is also only 4 gb. I think I’ll just wait till I have all 4 gb used, and/or the iTouch comes out with a camera.

Okay, I think that’s it blog readers!

-The road to success is always under construction.

So just about every day, I have at least a few seconds that I consider writing a blog. I just never know how to start. It’s the hardest part, the starting. The laying out of the first paragraph, that deciding what to write. When you haven’t written in a long time, it’s just getting into it again. Once you start writing, it’s like riding a bike, you never forget how to blog, but first you have to get back up and START.

There is no interlude, no transition to this paragraph, it just starts. For Christmas (God did I just do that again? but with a sentence instead) as I was saying…. for Christmas I got a lot of musical related presents. I got 50 dollars in itunes cards, I got an awesome mix “cd” from M-diggle, and The Beatles self titled album. So far I’ve spent half of my iTunes money, on Volume 1 and 2 of Glee- The Music. It’s so fun to listen to iTunes and have a mix of familiar tunes, new tunes, and just fun songs. I love the feeling of having to look at a song to see the title of it, and who it’s by, because I love it, and I notice it’s not a beatle’s song, a Glee song, or an old familiar one, but one that M-dig sent me. I just love it.

Another transition less paragraph, or does this count as a transition? My friend Jess just sent me a random message on MSN messenger.
Jessica–I know theres more to life than this. says (5:00 PM):

I think it made my day. My day has been filled with snuggie-wearing-in, laying on the couch, listening to my new music, and chasing the cat just because Wednesday-Saturday I was away from him.

While typing this blog, I’m noticing how much has happened in my life that you guys have NO idea about. Well most of you I talk to on a regular basis, with the sexy mac and that, so you know, but there are a few readers who aren’t in that realm. Who don’t know I had to stay at my Gramma’s house for 3 nights because there was a storm and if I wouldn’t of I wouldn’t of had a big family Christmas. Who don’t know that I’m over half done with the last Harry Potter book. Who don’t know that I’m getting a CT scan next month to finally figure out what’s up with my sinuses. Now I don’t think I’m going to sit here and inform you all on every little bit of my life, because it would be boring, I mean some things I need to tell you, like I’m in One Act, which is a theatre competition, since if I make blogs more often, I might mention I have One-Act practice, and you won’t know what that is. I mean, you really still don’t know what One Act is, but maybe I can do that some other time.

Once I get started blogging, it is really easy, I forget how natural the words come to my fingers. But I have over 500 words now, which I think is enough for a post that is the first in a long time.
-The road to success is always under construction.

In English we had to write a parody of a Children’s story. We did it in small groups, but my group slacked on me and I basicly did it all. We parodied “Are You my Mother?” and changed it too “Are You my Father?”

In the New York City orphanage, there was a little boy named Tommy. Tommy had never met his father and his mother brought him to the orphanage when he was only one, three long years ago. He longed to meet his father. One gruesomely long day at the orphanage, when the rest of the kids were taking a nap, Tommy snuck out to find his father. He pictured his father as an adventurous man, so Tommy headed to the most exciting place he knew of, Central Park.
Once in the park Tommy decided to asking men if they were his father. He then saw a man in a striped shirt selling brightly colored balloons.
“Are you my father?” marveled Tommy.
“No, not I for I am a balloon man. I do not have any kids, we don’t need another balloon boy, now do we?
“No I guess not,” chuckled Tommy.
“I’m sorry I could not help you. Would you like a balloon to bring with you on your search?”
“No thank you,” said Tommy, and he kept on his journey to find his father.
Tommy was walking past the play ground when he saw a man curled up inside of a slide. He shook the man’s shoulder and asked the man, “Are you my father?”
The man woke up, startled, and replied, “No, I am not, for I am a homeless man that lives in the slide. I do not have a child, for I do not have a place to shelter one. Would you like to ride down the slide to cheer you up before you venture on?” Tommy declined and continued looking for his father.
Tommy was getting agitated. Finding his father wasn’t as easy of a task as he thought it would be. He walked by a business man eating a bag lunch and typing on a black laptop. Tommy went up to the man and asked, “Are you my father?”
“No not I for I am a business man on my lunch break. My kids are with their nanny,” The man continued, “but you can have some of my sandwich if you would like.”
“No thanks, you can enjoy the rest of your lunch, for I’m going to find my father and he will buy me a sandwich of my own.” Tommy assured the man, and went back on his search for his father.
After walking along a little longer Tommy saw a beautiful flower garden. “Maybe my father likes flowers.” So he ventured over to the garden.
Once at the garden Tommy laid his eyes on a man in a green uniform. “are you my father?”
“No not I,” confessed the gardener, “for I am park gardener, and I take care of the landscaping in the park, not little boys.”
“You’re flowers are beautiful, I hope my father has a beautiful garden like you.”
“Thank you, would you like a flower to bring with you on your journey?” asked the gardener.
“No, I’ll just get one from my father when I find him,” and Tommy continued on his journey to find his father. After walking for a short time a nice looking man approached Tommy.
“Are you my father?” Questioned Tommy.
“No, I’m not your father, but if you come with me to my van I can help you find him.”
“No thanks, I can find him on my own.” stated Tommy, but the man grabbed his arm, Tommy tried to brush the man’s arm off to no avail. “What are you doing? I need to find my father,” yelled Tommy.
“Why don’t you come get some candy with me if you don’t want me to help finding him?”
Tommy yelled at the top of his lungs, “Stranger Danger!” for he had learned about kidnappers before. The balloon man, the homeless man, the business man, and the park gardener all looked up at and started yelling at the man. Tommy tugged his arm away and ran away from the stranger.
He ran and ran, until he found himself in front of the orphanage. He then saw a mysterious man walking up the stairs, and into the building. Tommy ran up the stairs and opened the door. No one was in the hallway. He snuck back into the boy’s bed room and laid back down on his bed to wait for the rest of the boys to awake. Just a few minutes passed when Miss Claudia walked into the room and called for him to come into the hallway.
“What did I do?” whined Tommy, hoping she had not seen him returning from his failed journey.
“Why do you assume you did something? Well never mind, someone is here for you. I want you to go back and get your stuff and put it all in this suitcase.” Miss Claudia handed him a brand new plastic suitcase, and he went back in the room and gathered his few belongings he had gathered through the years.
Once he got everything folded neatly into the suitcase, he came back out to find Miss Claudia talking to a middle aged man. “I got my things Miss Claudia.”
“Thanks Tommy, this is Scott, he is here since he wants a nice little boy to be his son. I told him that you were very well behaved and longed for a father.” Explained Miss Claudia, “He wanted to see you right away. If you will agree to it, we can have him sign the papers and have you at his house in just a few hours.
Tommy looked at Scott, while he kneeled down. “I have a big garden with beautiful flowers and a swing set with a slide for you to play on whenever you want,” Scott cited.
“Can you make me a sandwiches for lunch?” asked Tommy
“Everyday if you want.”
Tommy looked at Miss Claudia, and said, “Will he be my father forever?”
Miss Claudia replied, “If you’re willing to be his son forever.”
“Of course!” Chided Tommy while grabbing Scott’s hand. “I can call you father, right?”
“Yes, you can call me father, dad, or Scott, what ever you feel comfortable with.” Scott counseled.
Miss Claudia brought the new father-son pair and Scott signed the adoption papers. All Tommy could do is smile. No long would he have to ask any one, “Are you my father?” because he now knew exactly who his father was.

I hope you liked it. I’m posting this from Aerobics while I”m supposed to be writing my finals paper. Oh well!

I’m procrastinating doing my homework. Yupp, that’s what’s going down here. I have Algebra to do, but am I doing it? Nope. I also could be reading the case for mock trial, but am I? Nope, again you guessed it I am not. I am sitting here, writing a blog post for an unread blog since I didn’t write for 18 days. Is that a sin now? To not write? Hmm… Maybe it is.

I just sat here for 5 minutes. I have no idea what to write. I’ve already written about procrastination, which is what this is, but what else is there? Well recently I’ve really liked cordoroy colored skinny jeans. They’re pretty awesome. I have pink ones and purple ones.

Lately I’ve felt really distant from my online friends. I don’t think it’s school, I mean last year when I became to know a large amount of them I was fine. Is it that I have less time on the computer? But I’m still on it daily. The noodz chat on facebook doesn’t have much discussion on it, even though it is useally filled with chatter when someone is getting punished. Tell me, am I doing something wrong? Are any of you mad at me? Or is it just that everyone is getting busy and on at different times and such.

Well I need to get to that homework!

-The Road to success is always underconstruction

Okay, I failed. I didn’t do what I said I would. I need to stop making unfulfilled promises. I just forgot about it on Monday and Tuesday I was just like, “well I didn’t do it monday….” Which is unexceptable! Not that I’m planning to go through it any of what I said now, but atleast I acknolledged my neglegance? (spelling FAIL)

Tomarrow is Nerd day at my school. Any ideas? I’m wearing a tie, my glasses, and a harry potter lightening bolt. Maybe do my hair crazy, but what else? Convers rip offs are a given! I don’t have any nerdfighter shirts, or overly nerdy shirts. I’m thinking about carrying around a harry potter book. Maybe I’ll put some tape on my glasses? No poof, seeing no one would get it at my school, but maybe I’ll just go frizzy. Do you guys have any suggestions? Please and thank you!

Today, as most of you know, was my first day of school. I wanted to record it in someway, some how, and decided that this blog would be a good way. Seeing I’m lazy, I’m going to do this in a semi-list sort of way, by period!

-Before School: Pep-fest
Pep-band played for the pep-fest. It went pretty good, and was a good way to start out the day with my band buddies!

-First Period: Spanish I
When I first walked into this classroom, it looked like the special ed classrooms where there aren’t any desks, and just tables in circles. I was being kind of stupid, after seeing my friend Jessica in there, which I know she has Spanish first period with me, asked if it was Spanish I, and it was. I sat with a group I don’t normally sit with. Let’s just say every girl at the table was wearing pink, if you catch my drift. Sadly, I was also being a stereotypical girl, and was wearing pink. There was one boy sitting there, who…. Isn’t gay or feminine, but fit in with the girls pretty well. It was kind of nice to be with a different group. After sitting down I did notice one of my theater friends sitting at another table, but after being welcomed to the table I was at, I didn’t want to just get up and leave. I would like to note that Jessica, for those of you who don’t know, isn’t in my tighter group of friends, we talk more on msn, and just in classes we have together, just so you don’t think, “if she is sitting my her friend then how is she sitting with another group?” Got that clear? Good!

-Second Period: Am. History
This teacher wasn’t as fun as I thought he would be, but we did learn more than the classes who has the other teacher, so that’s good! He likes to bring everything local. We just reviewed some things we learned back in 8th grade, but he told us about what was happening in our town and county, which was all stuff I didn’t know, and upon getting home and telling my mom, she didn’t even know about. There was a fort sheltering everyone who lived in our town where a Burger King now stands!! Isn’t that an interesting fact? Okay for those of you who don’t like Social, then ignore that sentence.

-Third Period: Honors Advanced Algebra
Nothing really exciting happened this hour. My teacher looks similar to Audrey Hepburn (the brunette in Baby Mama.) We went over the syllabus, and got started right away, which is what math is a large amount of the time.

-R.A.P.: Basically homeroom
This isn’t something we have daily, just about every other month to get papers, and sign up for homecoming activities. We got our planners, and other non-interesting forms. Last year I had the 9th grade civics teacher, who retired so we got a new R.A.P. advisor who is Mr. Hoof, a keyboarding teacher. If you’re wondering R.A.P. stands for; Reaching All Panthers, and we just pronounce it rap. Hint hint, our team mascot is the panthers, clever, huh?

-Lunch: That thing where you eat
I was pleased to find that there was a decent about of theater geeks in my lunch period so I could chill with them. My Cucumber Under Wraps was very good, thank you very much!

-Fourth Period: Biology
OUR BOOKS ARE AWESOME! They are HUGE and don’t fit in the elastic book covers. (along with my math and English books, GREAT.) The huge part is not the cool part though, The cover is filled up with a huge picture of a PARROT! One of those tropical rainbow ones! The feathers are all fluffed up, and it’s a view from the back, and it has it’s head turned toward you, and it’s just AMAZING! We watched a boring video on science lab safety that we watched in 7th and 9th grade, and took a test on it, that we also took in 7th and 9th grade.

-Fifth Period: English
I’ve known this teacher since I was in Kindergarten. I also had her for study hall last year. I walk in and she says, “Finally I have you for a class!” Which was a nice welcome compared to everyone else’s polite nods. She cut her hair over the summer and I have to admit she looks quite a bit like Professor Trelawney from the Harry Potter series. The girl who sat next to me (we had a seating chart) was talking into thin air, at first I thought she was doing the classic, talk to a friend who is across the room just like she would be talking to the person sitting right next to her. (HAHAH I just sent a the link I linked too up there ^^^ to Jessica and she thought it actually was the English teacher! Oh now, she thought I said it WAS here, and says it doesn‘t look like her. What a sour puss. JUST KIDDING JESS!) Back to the girl who sits next to me. I later find out she is indeed talking to me. By the time I realize this, she says “Doesn’t her hair look funny?” Which I just remain acting like she isn’t talking to me, since while it did look frizzy, I liked this teacher, and wasn’t about to diss her. Our first assignment was a one page paper about us, she gave us some ideas, and then just kind of let us do what we wanted. Want to know my first to words of the paper? “I’m a blogger.” Then I tied everything in the paper back to that. I also said two of my best friends I met on the internet (referring to Nora and Marissa) and I think she might think I’m some crazy obsessed x-box live fanatic now, since that is what most people think with “internet friends.”

Okay, I just hit 1,000 words. I need to get ready for bed. I will write about my last 2 classes and musical later. Maybe even elaborate more on my other classes. I hope you enjoyed this long-ass post from me!

-The Road to Success is Always Under Construction

Today is my last day of summer vacation. My mom and I went through my room and cleaned it out. Sorted the clothes I don’t want or don’t wear any more, organized, and through out about 4 bags of garbage. This is the first year I have felt like I really, truly, like my wardrobe. Yes, it could use a few more jeans and kakis, but for what I do have, I feel like it really is me.(Not that I’m saying I’m superficial and I wouldn’t be who I was without my clothes.) I’ve gotten quite a bit of new clothes since school ended. Well I guess quite a bit can mean a lot of different things, but I got 5 cami soles, 4 shirts, and 2 dresses, plus 1 band concert/speech contest shirt. That is quite a large portion of my wardrobe and what’s left from last year are pants, hoodies, and a few t-shirts for wearing to bed and for those lazy days when I don’t care how I look. I went to auditions in one of my “new” outfits, and got a few gasps and looks of approval. Now just to force myself to take the time to put together outfits and do my hair and make-up and I’ll be set.

This summer I have neglected to wear my glasses, since I really don’t need them for things other than seeing the board and driving. It will take a little effort to remember to grab them, and to get used to the “glasses make-up” again.

As I think all of you know, I’m vegetarian. That makes school lunches just that much more difficult. Let me just say, I’m not a salad person. The only salad I really like is my grandma’s Mediterranean Strawberry salad, and a few select others on certain days. Seeing that is the only thing that is guaranteed to be meat free at my school, I have turned too school lunches. I found a cook book that I got for Christmas last year, that is aimed at kids, and I just kind of said, “Thanks,” and put it away for it to never see the light of the day. One night when I was having trouble sleeping I grabbed the cook book and found out that a whole third of it is dedicated to brown bagging it. They have a whole table with bag lunch ideas, and tons of recipes. For this, I’m really excited for lunch this year. I have already made my first day lunch. It’s “Cucumber Under Wraps” which is a tortilla, with cream cheese, with a quartered cucumber wrapped in the center. Then I have a strawberry yogurt, and a chocolate hermit cookie. Upon school shopping I got a thermos and juice containers, so I can bring my favorite V-8 Tropical Blend juice and once the weather gets nippy I can have warm soup!

I don’t really know how to end this post, seeing I always have had trouble with closing statements. I usually end up with two awkward sentences, and getting a low grade on the conclusion.

-The Road to Success is Always Under Construction

p.s. did anyone notice how my last “paragraph” was a pun?


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