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I’m the kind of person who prefers email, letters, texting, that kind of stuff. I’m a very easy crier. Half the times I will be saying through sobs, “I’m not that upset that I should be crying, but I just can’t control it.” Plus whenever I try to talk for a good period after crying, I start crying again. This is not a good trait to have. I have started to cry when I was talking to a teacher who scares me. It also doesn’t help that other people just don’t understand that I would prefer to not cry. When you start crying people try and comfort you, or get mad at you for being a baby or too emotional. When you aren’t all that upset, and your crying over something small, then when you talk just because you where crying before you start crying, even though you don’t need to be comforted, people feel the need to do it.

I just can’t hold back my emotions very well, and crying is my outlet, when I’m mad or sad.

I think I’m going to stop on question and commenter of the day. It’s just not what I want to be doing now.

Right now I’m just writing when I have something to write about, and if you want to write about something you don’t want to have to stick it a format. Before I was writing to write, and now I’m writing to express.

-The road to success is always under construction.

Internet is being spastic. This post will be short. I want to thank Marissa a million for posting yesterday! This is just a filler post! SORRYZ!!! I will hopefully be back with regular internet soon! Hopefully Embark will be back to normal on Monday. Okay! SORRY FOR SHORT POST! WILL BE BACK TO NORMAL WITH QUESTIONS AND SUCH TOMARROW!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not Marina. It is an impostor. An impostor has taken over the channel and everything will be different from now on. Actually, I’m kidding. Marina will be back next post and I will return to my hiding place, forever alone. *dramatic crying* (Voice off in the distance) STOP YOUR WHINING, YOU GREAT LUMP! Okay, okay, I am sorry. Jeez, harsh much? Anyways, what was I saying? Yes, I do realize I can go up a few sentences and read, I’m not an ignoramus. Ah, right, impostor talk. Yes, I am an impostor. Marina cannot post her blog tonight because ALL OF THE INTERNETS are down in her state! Isn’t that awful? See, that would make me lose my mind. Actually, no it wouldn’t, I’d curl up with a good book and some coffee and go to town, but still, it’s a sad sad thing. Marina is without internet in her lowly state, and she asked me to fill in. I was honored, of course, and jumped at the chance. So, here I am!

You’re probably wondering who I am, aren’t you? Well, I’m not going to tell you. For multiple reasons. The first being that it’s probably completely obvious and you probably knew from the first line, but the second being it’s fun to be elusive and secretive. So moving right along, to the festivities of the evening!
I thought that it would be fun to tell you guys some things about Marina that you may not know. Some you may know, depending on how well you know our good pal Marina, but you can just sit there and pretend. (That was a little harsher than intended, you have my deepest apologies.)

1. The first thing that you should know about Marina is that she enjoys taking baths. This may be somewhat of an uncomfortable fact for you to swallow, but you need to. Because this is a fact that defines Marina to the very core. It means she is a calm, relaxed person. But she also likes to have fun, which can be explained by bubbles in a bubble bath.
2. Marina may have mentioned this in passing, but I thought I’d explain it a bit more thoroughly. Marina is obsessed, in love, and extremely good at a game on Facebook by the name of Farm Town. In a nutshell, Farm Town is a game where you plant delicious fruits and veggies, meet wonderful neighbors, and be jolly in the pineapple fields. She has gotten me a tad bit obsessed with it, and it pains me deeply that I cannot be checking on my rice crops, which are due to be harvested. I am in a car at the moment. Please acknowledge my ability to type whilst on a bumpy car ride. Thank you.
3. The final thing you might possibly get a hint of when you think about Marina, but not fully know, is that Marina is a fabulous friend. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had a crappy day, being degraded by IRL friends and family, and just gotten comforted by Marina’s eternal kindness and spunk. Between her enthusiasm for pets and her unwavering hilarity, she is truly one of the kindest people I know.
And I am proud to call her one of my very best friends.

Readers, commenters, and casual glancers, it is time to say goodbye. I know, you are heartbroken. I am too, of course, but everything has to end. It’s been a pleasure.
And Marina? Hopefully, we’ll see you tomorrow. ❤


It is storming major here. I am worried about the power going out, well not really worried… but…. you know. yeah! okay!

Right now I’m really pre-occupied about thinking about next weeks thesexymacaroni video! I would link but it is not time for fancy stuff now! IT IS TIME TO PANIC AND TYPE FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I was going to talk more about To Kill a Mockingbird, but I did not, so she takes the cake!

Why do you think I am needing to type at the speed of wind?
I think I am typing fast to show off how fast I can type and just so you guys know that I can type fast and I am awesome like that!!


Well I guess it’s more that it is so not filled with other things, that suck takes the place of everything else!


OKAY!?! Okay!

Why are cats not afraid of thunderstorms and dogs are? Or are cats scared of thunderstorms and just to vain to admit it?

EVERYONE GO CHECK OUT It is the hopefully version of fml!!!

Have fun guessing 😉

I have this problem. Whenever I have to bike to an event or class or something that starts at a specific time, I freak out. I’m always worried that I’m going to be late. I then leave a ridiculously early time, and bike there as fast as possible, worrying I’m going to be late or I got the time wrong. Then once I get there I feel stupid for being a half hour early and being the only one there. It also bothers me when people are late. I just freaked out over getting there on time and then they prance in 5 minutes late without a fret.

I could fix this problem with a watch. The thing is that I don’t like watches. They constrict time. It’s more fun to run around without a worry in the world, then to run around without a worry in the world, minus the fact that it is now 7:28 pm. Also, when I have had a watch in the past I never take it off. Then I go through them very fast when I jump in the pool with them, or break them on my bike. Another problem with watches is that if I could I would look at the time every 3rd second. That makes time go by very slow, or shows you how much time has past. When I see that in the time it usually takes me to look at the time 10 times, I have only looked. I then miss that time and regret letting it fly by. Obviously a watch is not a solution for this problem.

I also like to carry around my phone, seeing then I can look at the time when I freak out. A lot of the clothes I have don’t have pockets, so I can not have a phone with me. Not to mention that when I do have the time my worry is that I have the time I’m supposed to be there mixed up. Even if I’m at home waiting for someone to pick me up. I start worrying I got the time they where picking me up, even when they are 30 seconds late. Or if they got the time they where supposed to pick me up was wrong.

I’m kind of making me sound like I am a worry wart. Well I really am not, I’m just one when it comes to time. Well and when it comes to tripping, falling, crowds, flying bugs, and what if’s. Does that make me a worry wart? It could be worse, couldn’t it.

I’m not overly self conscious. Which is something I have been working on for a large part of my life. Okay that’s a lie, I’ve only been working on it for a year and a half. I used to have really good self confidence in most of 7th grade and before that. Then I got in a huge fight with a friend that lasted over a year. She totally destroyed all confidence I had in myself. It’s only been since May that I have been feeling self confident, enough that the only time I worry about how I look is in private.

Commenter of the day:
She has a Fran from the Nanny shrine in her room! I found that so original!

Question of the day:
What do you worry about?

-The road to success is always under construction.

P.s. It says the above quote exactly word for word in my driver’s ed room, is that a pwn, or a pwn?

Today I was thinking about how boring my room really is. I would like to spend more time in my room and feel comfortable in it. I started thinking up ideas to spice up my room and was coming up with a full fledge plan to make my room more “me.” I was telling my mom that I am planning to work on my room, and said that I would need her help with hanging some stuff off the ceiling (since she is so picky about what is hung up in my room.) She then did somewhat of an eye roll. I asked if she didn’t think that was a good idea, and she just replied no. She then said after a brief moment of silence, “maybe if you can keep your room clean for a little while we can think about it.“ SHE OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT UNDERSTAND! I WANT THIS AS MY PROJECT! I WANT TO MAKE IT MY ROOM! I WAS PLANNING TO FUND THIS PROJECT WHEN IT COMES TO NEW BEDSHEETS AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT NEEDS TO BE BOUGHT!! Not to mention that my room has been way cleaner then usual for the last month, and very clean for the last week and a half. I then said that whenever I have my room clean it looks so boring, and when I mess it up then it feels more comfortable to me since it feels less boring, and then it doesn‘t feel like my space. She just replied, an ever so mature, “whatever.” If you realize how close I really am with my mom and how much her opinion matters to me you would know how much this upset me. I was all excited for this room project, instant messaging friends about it and looking stuff up on the internet to give me ideas. Now, I am in a total opposite mood. I feel that I shouldn’t let one persons disapproval hurt me this much, but it did, it really did. I’m now in a very angry mood. I am not in the mood for designing my room now. Thanks mom! Thanks! I just wish you could understand that I am old enough to execute these things without your help. I guess that in your eyes I am still a little kid who needs mommy’s help to change my room up.

Thanks for the compliment.
Thanks for having confidence in me.

I love you too mom.

Question of the day is what are ways you make your room you?
As you see I just make it me at the moment by making it a mess =/

Everyone who commented on my last blog is commenter of the day because there is no way I could pick between those answers.

The first punishment. Here is a picture I took of the drawing:
first punishment
You won’t believe how relieved I was, seeing the only other one was running around outside with under wear on my head, and my neighbors are all outside. So now I get to write about M.

Marissa and me met through Nora. I found Nora on youtube, and we became friends, then I saw she would hang around with this crazy girl, and I thought she was pretty cool, so I added her on facebook, and then the worlded exploded with awesomeness.

Marissa is Miss. Tuesday on thesexymacaroni. Her videos are all pretty humorous, and so are the rest of the sexy elbow noodles, so go subscribe now.

Marissa is a computer genious. She is the one who taught me how to zip and unzip files. She also helped me get back all of the music I lost on itunes.

Marissa loves this band called Owl City. She loves all music. Well she loves everything, other than feet. I wonder if I drew a snake on my foot if she would love my foot. Marissa, can you give us your input on that? k, thanks!

Marissa is in this wonderful thing called nerdfighterlike with this boy she met on the ning. His name is Zach. He has a yahoo, and that is just about all I know about him other than he has black curly hair. This blog is not about this Zach character, but about Marissa.

Marissa and I have these epic late night msn convos. Half the time her side of the conversation is in captital letters, and is plainly awesome. We talk about everything from her parents, to her love of creatures, to wrock, to vegetarianism, and everything beyond and between those. We also talk about Degrassi: The Next Generation alot. Those conversations are very entertaining on my side because I useally know what is going to happen, and she doesn’t, and she freaks out. Then I get confused because her reaction is histerical and yet I’m like OH NO THIS HORRIBLE THING JUST HAPPENED ON DEGRASSI! If you get what I’m saying.

What else can I say about this nerdfighter? Her last name is BEEEEEP, and her address is BEEEEP. Now go stalk her ;).

I will now end this post with a picture of the previously mentioned dawg.
Yes that is how she always looks. Her style is very simular to the robbers in the movies, or she is goth, I’m not sure which.

-Marissa’s road to success is always under construction

p.s. new page! hit it up!


It is: What is your favorite creature?
Mine is my cat Grissom at the moment, seeing he is tired and sleepy and cute!
The featured commenter from before is Marissa of course, since this post is about her! (her favorite food was Italian)

Yesterday was my first day in making a blog for quite a few days. I was a little out of whack, and excited to be back to it. Within that excitement I forgot about the question of the day! :O I’m glad that it has come to something that it is left out all my comments point it out! I love you readers! I also decided that when I leave it out, you, my readers, get to decide a punishment for me. Since this is a written blog it should be along the lines of something I have to write about, but I suppose I could post a picture if you wanted me to draw a eye liner mustache on my face. I also should specify that it’s just days on I post a blog, not everyday. So, LEAVE YOUR PUNISHMENTS IN THE COMMENT! I will draw one out of a hat sometime after 5 central time on Sunday.

The comment answer from my last question of the day (What is your favorite 90’s-early 2000’s cartoon?) is Nora. All 4 of the shows she mentioned I have fond memories with (Rugrats, AH! Real Monsters, Wild Thornberrys, Hey! Arnold!) I love how she went into such detail with Arnold’s hat. Does anybody remember the episode where Helga got laughing gas at a dentist appointment then called Arnold and confessed her love, then sneaking into his house to get the tape?

Today’s question of the day is, “What country has your favorite food style?” Wow that was really weird to word. Mine is China/Thai. I just love the soy sauce taste. I am eating white rice with soy sauce right now for that matter.

-The road to success is always under construction!

p.s. Don’t forget to put a punishment and answer the question in your comment!


My fingers itch to type. I have a dilemma. I don’t know what to type. I’m going to go babysit in 17 minutes, but that is boring. I turned in my (i picture the following said in an exited Marissa type voice) VERY FIRST JOB APPLICATION!!(end Marissa voice.) I could talk about the every so amazing music I am listening too. But no, none of that is interesting enough to fill a whole post of a blog!

I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! I will talk about snazzy made up words and phrases! One that I have been thinking about a lot lately is “world suck.” I don’t know why it has been occupying my mind so much lately, but I think that it just contains so much power in just two words. Then the word “readomattic.” This is the word that inspired this theme. It is on my little dashboard thing here on wordpress. Any word that has omattic added to the end just had the awesomeness increase 10 fold! How about the world snazzy? That is pretty snazzy in it self. I also love how my spell check is recognizing the word. This is the point in which I go on urbandictionary and look up snazzy:

a combination of snappy and jazzy. to show something’s just too hip for one word to contain it.

usually used by soccer moms and people that like to use really lame adjectives to describe things because no one else will.

guy1: so, you like my new pants? i think they’re snazzy.

Urbandictionary portrays this word as a bad word. What is wrong with soccer moms? And what you call “really lame adjectives,” just shows how “really lame” the author of that definition is. Don’t you agree? I agree.

I am now going to divert you too a different subject. Regular readers by now means that the post is coming to an end soon since my “different subjects” usually are short and pointless. Now hopefully the person in this picture won’t mind the posting of it:


This is from Nora’s birthday video that Marissa made. I took a screen shot, then edited the crap out of it. I think It turned out to look something along the lines of a 1990s cd cover? Which is pretty awesome, if you ask me. And if your a Curious George i used Gimp and Picasa to edit that. Both free to download, just google them!

-I’m now off to babysit!

p.s. my spell check recognizes snazzy nut not Google? FAIL!!!!

HeyGirlHey! 😉
So this morning, my mom and me had an interesting incounter:

we had some Jahova (sp?) witnesses come to the door about 2 hours ago. and i was in the kitchen and yelled to my mom “SOMEONE’S AT THE DOOR CAN YOU GET IT CUZ I’M NOT DRESSED” forgetting the screen door was wide open so they could hear me. so then my mom yells, “BUT I DON”T HAVE MY TEETH IN” so she put them in and got the door and they where laughing.

This is a blog draft from May 30th. I don’t remember not posting it, but I guess it wasn’t posted. I guess I was planning to add to it later but never did. I have alot I COULD talk about, but even more that I’m not going to talk about. That’s the thing with blogging, you always have more you don’t blog about then you blog about, if that makes sense. i mean in one blog post you couldn’t cover the whole dictionary, every detail in your house, your favorite bird calls, or the song stuck in your head. It just isn’t possible, believe it or not. unless you want each of your blog post to be bigger and longer than those huge dictionaries that you only ever find at the library or on tv.

I’m now off to eat some stuffed bell peppers! YUMMO (;

My road is under construction, is yours?


p.s. Dying my hair with some fun soon, look forward to pictures!


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