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Today is my last day of summer vacation. My mom and I went through my room and cleaned it out. Sorted the clothes I don’t want or don’t wear any more, organized, and through out about 4 bags of garbage. This is the first year I have felt like I really, truly, like my wardrobe. Yes, it could use a few more jeans and kakis, but for what I do have, I feel like it really is me.(Not that I’m saying I’m superficial and I wouldn’t be who I was without my clothes.) I’ve gotten quite a bit of new clothes since school ended. Well I guess quite a bit can mean a lot of different things, but I got 5 cami soles, 4 shirts, and 2 dresses, plus 1 band concert/speech contest shirt. That is quite a large portion of my wardrobe and what’s left from last year are pants, hoodies, and a few t-shirts for wearing to bed and for those lazy days when I don’t care how I look. I went to auditions in one of my “new” outfits, and got a few gasps and looks of approval. Now just to force myself to take the time to put together outfits and do my hair and make-up and I’ll be set.

This summer I have neglected to wear my glasses, since I really don’t need them for things other than seeing the board and driving. It will take a little effort to remember to grab them, and to get used to the “glasses make-up” again.

As I think all of you know, I’m vegetarian. That makes school lunches just that much more difficult. Let me just say, I’m not a salad person. The only salad I really like is my grandma’s Mediterranean Strawberry salad, and a few select others on certain days. Seeing that is the only thing that is guaranteed to be meat free at my school, I have turned too school lunches. I found a cook book that I got for Christmas last year, that is aimed at kids, and I just kind of said, “Thanks,” and put it away for it to never see the light of the day. One night when I was having trouble sleeping I grabbed the cook book and found out that a whole third of it is dedicated to brown bagging it. They have a whole table with bag lunch ideas, and tons of recipes. For this, I’m really excited for lunch this year. I have already made my first day lunch. It’s “Cucumber Under Wraps” which is a tortilla, with cream cheese, with a quartered cucumber wrapped in the center. Then I have a strawberry yogurt, and a chocolate hermit cookie. Upon school shopping I got a thermos and juice containers, so I can bring my favorite V-8 Tropical Blend juice and once the weather gets nippy I can have warm soup!

I don’t really know how to end this post, seeing I always have had trouble with closing statements. I usually end up with two awkward sentences, and getting a low grade on the conclusion.

-The Road to Success is Always Under Construction

p.s. did anyone notice how my last “paragraph” was a pun?

Fine, you guys want a post, you got it! I don’t have a good excuse for not writing for such a long period. The first two days where because I was thinking about school and getting depressed about last year. Then I kicked myself for living in the past and came back to the here and now. So after those two days I just never got back into the flow. Then someone started spamming my page *cough* Nora *cough.* and I decided to post!

Today I was at the county fair for FFA (Agriculture Education, NOT FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA PEOPLE!!! Get it straight! [If I wasn’t in it I would so call it Future Farmers of America, but I am so you’ll have to deal with my political correctness.) I made some friends with Corndog the pig who ways over 1200 pounds and was the biggest pig in my state in 2006, (yeah now you can look me up and stalk me.) The sheep did get a little jealous of my friendliness to Corndog and tried to blame there gas on me. A lady walking by laughed for a good 5 minutes at the gas. Since I was working with kids, since that is the whole part of the barnyard, I do have a story about one very annoying boy. Some of the FFA girls where throwing some bird seed at each other since there was some laying down from a previous craft, so this little boy decided to join in on the fun. He targeted all his seeds at my face, he also, at age 6, had better aim then everyone else throwing, and would proudly proclaim, “I HIT HER IN THE FACE,” each time he did. We then had to end the festivities because he was getting out of hand, but we did start them up once he walked off (:

After all the fun fair festivities we went, DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! SCHOOL SUPPLIES SHOPPING! You would not (okay you probably would) believe how many times I loudly proclaimed trappers, folders, notebooks, and miscellaneous school supplies “sexy.” I ended up getting a trapper, which I haven’t had since 7th grade, but they are just so improved since then. My mom insisted on buying me the 10 cent notebooks, but I beg and pleaded to get a five star, 3 subject notebook for math, since I will probably go through 2 of those on there own for math this year. I ALSO GOT THE MOST AMAZING INVENTION EVER! It is a thing that clips in my trapper, and want to know what it does? This small little ruler shaped thing, YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT DOES?!?! IT IS A 3 HOLE PUNCH! It barely takes any room, and I’ve already tried it and it’s sexy and amazing and WONDERFUL! As soon as my eyes landed on it, I ran to it and proclaimed, “I NEED THIS MOM, PLEASE!??” She then asked why I needed it, and I told her that most teachers have 1, or 2 at the most and just let us fend for ourselves when it comes to them. It’s purple, along with most of my other non-notebook supplies, and just over all sexy. DID I SAY IT WAS SEXY!?! I also had to beg and plead for 2 pilot black pens, and say that I could rummage up my pencils from last year, so we only had to get the pens. I did get some new fancy mechanical pencils during 3rd tri, so they will work fine! Once we where believed to be done my mom wanted to look at pants, so we went down to the clothes section, while I was staring dreamily at my school supplies, I noticed something was missing. HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED LOOSE LEAF PAPER! I then sadly departed from my school supplies, leaving them with my mom to get the paper. I run to the other side of the store, grab the first I can find, and go back to the cart. Once there I notice, IT’S NOT COLLEGE RULED! I can’t have my loose leaf be wide ruled and my notebooks college ruled! I then leave everything again, run across the store, to find WALMART DOES NOT SELL COLLEGE RULED LOOSE LEAF PAPER! WHAT IS THIS INSANITY!?!?!

Here and there my Grandma comes and stays at our house for the weekend just to spend some time with us. It’s so different to have a 3rd person in a 2 person house. I’m so used to how my mom folds her towels when they are done, and where they are set, and her putting the toilet seat down, and it just feels different to have the difference. I’m not saying this is a bad feeling, it’s just different. My grandma usually sleeps in the finished basement on my old day bed, but since she is scared there might be to much cat hair in there, she insisted on having my room. I then had to hurry to clean it up and have it ready to have someone other than me sleep in it. It feels really weird to be displaced from my room. I mean, I don’t spend much time in it, but I keep my stuff in there. I have my favorite brush in there, I had my book light in there, my clothes, my hamper, my pajamas, and I didn’t exactly pack to sleep in the living room. I ran in there when she was taking a bath to get my clothes for the day. My ceiling light doesn’t work all the time, and I never used it much. I just have a simple clip desk light that I use for reading at night and so I can see around at night or when it’s a dark day, or even when the shades are drawn. It is pretty bright, and does it’s job very well. Well when going in there, I tried to turn the desk light on, and some how in the one night I was gone it managed to break. Isn’t that a pleasant surprise? It was nice this morning to be offered to have breakfast at Burger King, which is only offered when my Grandma is staying here. Now that I have taken driver’s ed, I can understand why my mom doesn’t like me in my grandma’s car. She drives half in the other line, doesn’t stop at stop signs, cuts her turns short. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my grandma to death, but I’m ready for her to go home tomorrow.

Wow, I didn’t know I had over eleven hundred words in me. I need to not take these long term breaks. Even though I am sure that I could of written this anyways seeing that this is all things that happened today!

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Michelle, because we’re blog buddies! (no favorites, she said that in her comment, no lies!)

Question of the Day
What is your favorite school supply?
Mine is my hole puncher, and my trapper keeper is in close second!

-The road to success is always under construction!

P.s. 1209 words! Wow I had a lot more in me than I thought!


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