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AHH! This is the last post I will have until next Friday or Saturday! Sadface 😦
BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully next time I will be on my computer I am getting on Friday! YAY! You can all clap and cheer as you wish!

Tomorrow I am heading out on an epic camping trip with my mother. We’re going to go fishing and it’s just going to be epic and amazing and GAH! That is why I won’t be able to post for awhile! But when I come back it will be epic and great, and will blow your brains out! Okay don’t let it do that, since then all my viewers will be dead and the blog will soon after die! Which isn’t good, believe it or not.

This post = fail. I’m sorry. I just wanted to let you know I will be gone! But when I come back epicness will be here! Why not a picture? Yes a picture! How about me being the world’s sexiest maid?

Epic, huh?

Nora from junkinmahcranium is the featured commenter from last time! It was quite deep, even though I don’t have it memorized to type here! Go check that Blonde gangster!

AND TODAY’S QUESTION (drum roll please)
What is your favorite old cartoon from the ’90’s to early 2000’s?

Mine would probably be Doug. He was amazing! With his crush Phoebe! I love that name

Answer with your answer in the comments yo!

p.s. Sorry you’ll only understand the salutation if you where in Beauty and the Beast with me, and none of you where, sorry 😦



So far this summer I’ve been sitting around doing a lot of nothing. I’m fine with that. The school year I am stressed and running around doing a million and two things, and the summer is a good time for me to just do nothing. The next two weeks are going to be chalked full of fun and doing things.

Next week I’m doing Prairie Children’s Theatre. It is a week long camp. On Monday there is auditions for the play, this year we are doing The Beauty and the Beast. Then Tuesday-Thursday is practice, along with Friday, where we also have a performance. On Saturday we have another performance. I am hoping to bring Carlos, one of the kids I babysit. His mom is trying to talk him into it, and he is such a ham and I know he would just love it! This will be my 4th year doing this camp. I’ve done Beauty and the Beast once before, Cinderella, and Aladdin. Last year it was Alice in Wonderland but I was not in it due to a family wedding, in California. Cinderella was the last one I was in and I had my own line in the program, so I’m hoping to get an even larger part this year. A lot of the older experienced teens aren’t doing it this year since most of them have all ready done it. I will probably be one of the older ones there this year. It is open for Adults to 6 year olds, but it’s more 6-16 year old who go out in our town.

My birthday is also on Thursday of next week and I will hopefully be having a birthday dinner with my mom and one of my best friends. I’ll be 16, but we’re not doing much, which I’m okay with.

The week after that we are leaving on Sunday for a 5 day camping trip. This is kinda for my birthday, but also just since we haven’t done much camping yet this year. We have bought some more fishing equipment to do some “serious” fishing from a canoe, so that will be exiting.

Well that’s all I have to say! I will hopefully get a chance to update you sometime in the next week! If not tomorrow!

-Aste la vista baby!


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