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I’m procrastinating doing my homework. Yupp, that’s what’s going down here. I have Algebra to do, but am I doing it? Nope. I also could be reading the case for mock trial, but am I? Nope, again you guessed it I am not. I am sitting here, writing a blog post for an unread blog since I didn’t write for 18 days. Is that a sin now? To not write? Hmm… Maybe it is.

I just sat here for 5 minutes. I have no idea what to write. I’ve already written about procrastination, which is what this is, but what else is there? Well recently I’ve really liked cordoroy colored skinny jeans. They’re pretty awesome. I have pink ones and purple ones.

Lately I’ve felt really distant from my online friends. I don’t think it’s school, I mean last year when I became to know a large amount of them I was fine. Is it that I have less time on the computer? But I’m still on it daily. The noodz chat on facebook doesn’t have much discussion on it, even though it is useally filled with chatter when someone is getting punished. Tell me, am I doing something wrong? Are any of you mad at me? Or is it just that everyone is getting busy and on at different times and such.

Well I need to get to that homework!

-The Road to success is always underconstruction


I’m so lucky to have a stress reliever like this blog! I have found the hardest work of having a blog is starting. To get that thought process going, and to open something to type it in, and then just letting the words flow is easy. Except when I get to this point. Where I don’t know where to go. Then the trick is to just keep going. Keep typing, even if it’s nonsense. I’ve noticed the ones I get the most comments on are the ones that are just senseless rambles. THEN, SOMEONE SENDS ME AN INSTANT MESSAGE *cough*Marissa*cough* and makes me lose my thought process. Did I really need to know your money status on farm town, IN THE MIDDLE OF WRITING A BLOG!?! It’s all right, you don’t know I’m writing a blog, and I love your love of farm town. I’m glad that you have spare money! Now don’t spend it all in one place.

See, I just got distracted. This blog is not going very well. Now that I said that all my comments will be, “oh marina I loved this post,” or something of that manner! But then again the sense less ones are usually rid of sense, and this one makes sense. It’s a blog about blogging. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Mostly because of her blissful ignorance of thinking Grissom was BITING his girlfriend! She has obviously never seen a cat kiss!

What brings you back to this blog?
What makes you type in address to see if there is a new post?
(or add me to your google reader ;))

I KEEP COMING BACK BECAUSE IT’S MY BLOG! And if I ditched myself…. That would be horrible.


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