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I’m a night owl, and I’m not just one of those teenagers who stay up late and just says they are. I really am. How do I know this? I will refer to a post my friend Michelle posted awhile ago. She talked about how she is a morning bird, and the morning just rejuvenates her. I’m the same way, just with night. To take a walk at night all alone for me is just the best. The night air, with still a hint of humidity, but cool enough to not be uncomfortable. I mean, I have been outside early in the morning, I mean who hasn’t had to bike to school before the sun rises? Okay well maybe those of you who live more than 2 miles from your school, but then at the least walked to the bus stop? Okay, got a few more of you on board with that one.

I have to interrupt this blog my telling you that today is Grissom’s birthday. He is now 2 years old. I am now sitting outside, and he crawled under my perched legs and then jumped up onto the patio furniture and is now giving himself a bath next to me. I need to capture this moment, YES, PICTURE TIME!!
Picture 414
Yes, we are kissing. I forgot to give him his birthday kiss earlier. I’m also sorry for the HORRIBLE lighting, but hey, I’m outside, and it’s 11 o’clock at night, what do you expect.

Okay, now back to the night owl stuff. Okay, sorry Grissom distracted me. I have nothing. Well hey, it’s a post, right? Better than nothing?

Commenter of the day:
Michelle, for her nerdyness

Question of the day:
Are you a morning owl, or a night owl?

Grissom is now sitting on the chair opposite me cleaning his toes. I can just see his eyes and his white body parts, it’s so cute! ^.^

Okay, now I’ve played “Party in the USA” By Miley Cyrus 10 times since I downloaded it a few hours ago, guilty pleasure much?

Sorry for the scatterbrain-ness!

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It is storming major here. I am worried about the power going out, well not really worried… but…. you know. yeah! okay!

Right now I’m really pre-occupied about thinking about next weeks thesexymacaroni video! I would link but it is not time for fancy stuff now! IT IS TIME TO PANIC AND TYPE FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I was going to talk more about To Kill a Mockingbird, but I did not, so she takes the cake!

Why do you think I am needing to type at the speed of wind?
I think I am typing fast to show off how fast I can type and just so you guys know that I can type fast and I am awesome like that!!


Well I guess it’s more that it is so not filled with other things, that suck takes the place of everything else!


OKAY!?! Okay!

Why are cats not afraid of thunderstorms and dogs are? Or are cats scared of thunderstorms and just to vain to admit it?

EVERYONE GO CHECK OUT It is the hopefully version of fml!!!

Have fun guessing 😉

Tomorrow I have my first day of Driver’s Education. I’m actually excited, even though I’ve heard several horror stories of just how boring it is. Even if it is Boring, it will still be Driver’s Education. In my state you can take Driver’s Ed at 15 and take the driver’s permit test once passing the class. I’m 16, which is the age where most kids take their driver’s test, and get their license. So yes I am a little behind. Also I should add that most of the people I have heard from that it is boring also find almost all of their classes boring. One thing that I’m not looking forward with it is that there will be mostly the grade under me and my grade in the class. If I would of taken it this time last year it would have been mostly the grade above me, which I would prefer. But it’s not last year, I will have to live with it.

 The class is 2 weeks long 9am-12pm Monday-Thursday, Friday being the makeup day. My friend Beatrice who is also 16 and the grade above me is also enrolled in the class. The worst part of that is that the seating arrangement is alphabetical. With my last name starting with an L and her last name with a W, we will not be seated next to each other. 😦

 So as many of you know I still have my kitty Grissom with me. If you go back to this post you will see that he was going to be given up. It has been over a month and he is still here. I’m hoping that my mom has just procrastinated to the point that it is just not going to happen.

Grissom :D

 In other pet related news, my mom has laid down the law that no snakes will be entering this house on purpose. She did however say she would be fine with a lizard. Right now I am looking at Geckos. I’d like a Blue Tongue Skink, but we don’t have room for a 40 gallon tank, believe it or not. I’m really excited about this Gecko business! I am saving up my money (yes again) so I can buy a tank for it, since our 10 gallon tank won’t cut it. I also will need a good chunk of money for the Gecko, tank accessories, and heating accessories. Not to mention crickets to feed it, and money to buy crickets for awhile after buying it.

 If you could take a road trip to any place in the country with no worry of paying for gas or having a vehicle/license, where would you go?

 I would go to the state in which Nora and Marissa reside in to pick them up, then Washington and then too California, then back to Nora and Marissa’s state to drop them back off, and back home!

 Commenter of the day for my last post is Michelle who’s answer to the question: “What is your dream number of kids/order/gender?” was “I think when I settle down, I’d like to have 3-4 kids. I know I want at least one boy and one girl. Possibly 2 of each.”

-the road to success is always under construction

p.s. No punishment for last post for having no featured commenter for 2 reasons.

 A) No one caught it XD

 B) No one answered the question other than Marissa who had one the day before.


Yesterday I found my greatest love! No not a boy (even though there was a hot boy at the 4th party) but for; Yes you probly didn’t guess it (unless your Marissa) CORN SNAKES!!!!!!!!!

You wouldn’t BELIVE how much I LOVE these little things. My soon to be cousin asked me if I wanted to see her snake. I wasn’t all to exited but figured, why not? I went down to her room with her and she picked it up. It was orange, yellow, and red. My cousin asked if I wanted to hold her, and I did. While talking I held that lovely snake for about 10 minutes. The second I had to give it back I was planning how to talk my mom into letting me get one.

There, an obsession was born! Ever since then I have been looking at pictures of these beautiful snakes. My mom was tottaly not into the idea at first. Now I have been spurting out all this information on them and how easy they are to take care of and she knows I am really serious about this!

We are still getting rid of our cat, Grissom. She said so today. I am sad about that, but the one and only good thing about it is that it will help talk my mom into getting me the snake.

Now, after talking about all these snakes, I want to go back on the forums at and look at pictures and learn more about them!

Bye lovely readers!


Shocker, I know! Second blog post today! But there are things I feel like blogging about, cuz if I feel like blogging, i’ve learned I just should.

I was talking to my mom, like I do everynight before she goes to bed, and she said somthing I wanted the world to not hear. “I’m going to call the animal shelter tomarrow.” Under any other circumstance, this would be wonderful. It should mean joy, we’re getting a new addition to the family. But no, this time it isn’t a good reason to be calling. She is calling to ask if they will take our cat, Grissom. I said “Okay, good night” and left. While I got up and left she asks “are you okay?” and I reply, “No, but it doesn’t really matter.” She then tells me to come back and talk to her, which I do. She gives me the talk you give a five year old. “You know why we need to do this, right?,” “Yes, I’m not five anymore mom, i’m not stupid, but anyway you know I’m not going to just accept it, Good night.” I then got up and left, but when I open the door the cat runs in the room and under her bed, i chase him out and leave. Once I’m out I start balling. I knew this was coming, but this is the first time I’ve shed tears over it. As I’ve stated before, my mom is a big procrastinator. I was hoping this was somthing she would procrastinate over until it doesn’t happen. Why can’t it be? He has only peed in one room, which he hasn’t been in since. He hasn’t peed in any other area of the house since he has been locked out of that room, which has been for over 3 week. The room is now useable, and has no hint of pee. I understand the cat could probly still smell it, but it would be fine as long as he never was allowed in that room again. Wouldn’t it be? I’ve only been this attached to a pet one other time in my life, and that was my poodle Cashmere[RIP 12/1/06]. The thing is it’s not only that we are getting rid of Grissom that is a hardship, it’s knowing we will never have a dog or cat in this house again since they might smell the pee.

On another note, since useally blogging brings me joy, and this has just made me cry more and more. I got a new banner. I went through old pictures to put in it to kind of show how i’ve changed in the last 2-3 years. I just thought I might post this picture since it didn’t make it in the new banner:

This is me in the musical CATS! Fall 2008

This is me in the musical CATS! Fall 2008

I thought that this blog needed a picture of me from my acting experiance, how about two pictures?

Me in one of my roles in Flowers for Algernon

Me in one of my roles in Flowers for Algernon

 That is a picture of me playing Mrs Nemur, my smaller role out of my two. The guy appearing closest in the picture to my left was Mr. Nemur, I wouldnt being married to that boy (the actual boy, not Mr. Nemur).


Okay, This has been a big day for my blog, a total of almost 2,000 words between the two blogs!!!

The path to success in underconstruction!


Hi Hi!

So today i’m blogging for one reason, and that will be at the end. For now I get to ramble on about nothing of importance. I have no idea what to ramble on about. How about rambling? Rambling is a way to drag somthing out so it will last longer. One might do it on a date to spend more time with the person. Another reason one might ramble is because they are nervous. I do this alot, but that is not why I am rambling right now. According to ramble means: Going on and on about a stupid and worthless subject that no ones interested in anyway

How was that, a ramble about rambling? I think its pretty nifty.

*the crowd goes wild*
HOLD ON! What crowd?
Okay, moving forward

This is my kitty hugging a moose

This is my kitty hugging a moose


That is my cat, Grissom hugging a moose, burt. I took this while talking to Nora (found at ). Nora also gave me the moose!

Heyaaa!!! I’m sitting here, waiting for my rice to finish cooking, and decided to check my stats. Yesterday was my busiest day, with 39 views. What was so special about yesterday’s blog? Why don’t you 39 people tell me 🙂

So today I get to go to fireworks! Well tonight. Its for a big festival type thing my town does the 2nd weekend every June. I’m also babysitting tonight, so it will be nice to get out of the house for the first time since Tuesday.

Today I got my report card in the mail. I’m a little confused about it. I expected to have a blank on my science exam and video productions, but I only have 2 exam grades on there. So I am left not knowing my Civics and English exam grades. They didn’t effect my grades, so I guess thats good, but I’m a little disapointed.  I got a C (if you care) on my Honors Geometry exam, so that kept my grade stationary at a C in that class. I’m pretty happy with that. Don’t get me wrong, in any other class I would throw a FIT if I got a C, but I, as I have stated before, really struggled with this teacher and curriculm. I love how he put positive attitude on the comments section. REALLY? REALLY? I never pay attention in class, and you called me imature in my notebook! I think he knows parents don’t like him so its probly his way of kissing up!

Okay enough rambling on about my math teacher. School seams even more over now that the report card is home! I guess I’ll go eat my rice now!

-Under Construction-
❤ Marina

No excuses. I haven’t blogged in awhile. Its summer, and I had surgery, and have been feeling like crap, and basicly, just haven’t felt any of my “creative urges.” To tell you the truth, I’m only blogging now because I feel a little guilty for not blogging. Is it bad to feel guilty for not writing on a website, that only has 216 hits? I guess it probly is. Gosh darnit.

So getting the wisdom teeth out went good I guess. I’ve been pretty sore for awhile, and drowsy from the medicine. I’m not good at taking naps unless I’m puking, fever sick, so I’ve just been going to bed early and sleeping in a little later. The actual surgery was amazing. It was like a different world. Probly from all the drugs and stuff, but I kind of understand why people like to get high. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start doing drugs, but I understand why one might do them. I don’t think its worth the side effects though. I told them I’m scarred of needles, even though I’m not as bad as I used to be, and they gave me laughing gas to get through one shot so I would be really tired when they did the IV. I’m really glad I told them that, cuz once I came to and was on in the car I found 5 spots where they tried to get an IV started, If I would of been awake I would of been freaking, just cuz i hate having more than 1 poke, and my mom wasn’t allowed in the room.

My cat, Grissom got hurt on Monday. I don’t know exactly what happened. All I know is that he has a wound on his right back leg, and he was limping Monday-Wed. He’s fine now, and licking it alot. I didn’t find the actual wound until this morning, cuz he was hissing at me when I got close.

Right now I’m hot, sweaty, drowsy, and in pain. I have grapes ready on farmtown. (I’m addicted to that game) So i’m going to go. Sorry Yeah its kind of a short post. But i’m glad I got this much out. I thought it would end up being like a 75 word blog, instead of a 400ish word blog!

Under construction (like always, blah blah blah)

p.s. I get to see Fireworks tomarrow! Yay!

p.p.s. i have over a fourth of the money I need for a macbook!

p.p.p.s. This blog is now 418 words!


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